Anti Cellulite Massage

Anti cellulite massage through Thai techniques and aromatherapy. Thai massage is extremely beneficial to treat different problems in the body, and is also used to reduce, that so feared, cellulite that affects the majority of women. Through different techniques of Thai massage, we can help stimulate the circulatory systems, both blood and lymphatic, and at

Aromatherapy and Thai massage

Aromatherapy and it’s use in traditional Thai massage Aromatherapy is a therapeutic discipline that benefits from the properties in the aromatic oils that are extracted from aromatic plants, to reestablish equilibrium and harmony to the body and mind to better our health. The word “aroma” means sweet smell, and “therapy” treatment designed to cure. To differ

Japanese Facial Massage

Kobido Facial Massage The Japanese Kobido facial massage is combination of Traditional Japanese Medicine and Massage Techniques, using concepts from both, which have been modified and developed from Anma (tradicional Japanese massage) over the past 500 years. It stops signs of aging, improves oxygenation and nutrition of skin cells, results can be seen from the first session.Because of