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What is a test of reflexive thinking and what is it used for?

What is a test-reflexive?

Test reflexive this test of your thoughts on different things. It can be a movie, a book, a case. This is a test of what you think of something. This test requires the presence of your thoughts, your views, your opinions. It is erroneous to believe that in this type of work it is necessary to involve a large number of citations or thoughts of famous people. Not, of course, you can quote a statement from any person known to and significant to you, but don’t forget that the test reflected reflects your individuality and your subjective opinion.

Some of the signs of this essay The availability of a topic or a specific question. A work devoted to the analysis of a wide range of problems, by definition, can only be done in the genre of the essay The test expresses the impressions and individual perspective on an issue or a particular problem, and does not purport to define or interpret the subject exhaustively;

As a general rule, a trial requires a new word subjectively colored on something; such a work can have a character-philosophical, historical-biographical, journalistic, literary-critical, scientific-popular or purely fictitious In the content of the essay, the personality of the author, his worldview, his thoughts, and feelings are first assessed.

The purpose of the trial is to develop skills such as creative thinking, independent and writing your thoughts. Writing an essay is extremely useful because it allows the author to learn to clearly and formulate his ideas, to structure information, to use the basic concepts, identifying causal relationships, illustrating the experience with relevant examples and enforce its conclusions. You should think of it this way: my test will be the best.

That should be in such a composition?

To understand what a test like this, you need to understand is that there should be, and what should not be. Such an analysis should primarily relate to your ideas. This can be your experiences and your beliefs. This can be your personal observations. This is a reflective essay. Basically, it is easy to write, because you have to just need to express your thoughts and how you see things around.

Any reasoning of the composition may be logically divided into three main parts An introduction or a thesis that makes a problem or a statement which requires a proof The main part of the essay writing service in which you give arguments for your thoughts or réfutez the opinion stated in the thesis the final conclusion to which you are reached in the course of the reasoning on the subject.

The basic rules for writing an essay-reasoning

1. The consciousness of the test subject. One of the critical factors of writing successful composition must be a good knowledge of the subject, that is to say, that you are going to write. Otherwise, you would say just nothing to think about, and you will not be able to provide any argument to prove your reasoning 2. While writing a test, carefully monitor its structure. Try to distribute the volumes of the text so that the introduction and the conclusion are not more than one-third of the entire book. Most of the work falls on the main part, where you prove your point of view, and in the thesis and end using a brief statement and concise description of the thought 3. During the discussion, try not to use words abstruse, it sometimes takes a lot of time to find the right word. To do this, use a draft. Try to write briefly on the draft, with these words, as if you were talking about in a conversation with a friend. How can he demonstrate to you that your point of view? Then, you can edit the text, removing the parties or talk and replacing them with phrases more appropriate 4. Follow all the arguments and facts. Remember that they must be logical and interrelated. Try not to dive into the details, but adhere clearly to the main topic 5. A good method of argumentation is the use of two types of arguments, conditionally they can be called «argument-most» and argument-less In the first case, you speak of the positive consequences of the thesis, in the second negative 6. The conclusion should clearly summarize the whole text. Do not list your arguments, which has proved or disproved the main idea. It is best just to formulate what you came for in the course of reflection 7. After writing a test-reasoning on a draft, read it at least once or twice, saying in your mind. Make sure that the text is complete. Parts of the composition passed logically one into the other, and there were no sudden changes in the course of the thought. Avoid repeating arguments in similar situations 8. Check all text for grammatical errors and spelling. If you are not sure of the meaning or the writing of a word, replace it by a synonym.

Remember that the ability to reason and to express your thoughts does not come immediately. A reminder, how to properly write an essay-reasoning, will not suffice. Read books, expand your horizons.

And yet, keep in mind that the structure of this essay and rules for writing are still pretty rough. It is this that distinguishes it from the trials of other species. The trial reflexive, first of all, involves the presentation of your thoughts and your reasoning personal, and the form in this matter is not a key concept.

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