Head Massage

Head Massage: Amon NUAD KHOO

“Khoo” in Thai means neck, is there anything more relaxing than a massage on the neck, head and face?

Release tensions accumulated by inactivity and poor posture we adopt in the cervical and shoulder blades. An authentic oriental delight that you deserve well.

The head massage, performed a first heating of the dorsal musculature, performing digitopresiones around the clavicles, shoulders and back muscles.

Subsequently the neck work pressing and kneading the cervical muscles and in the base of the head. Combining friction around all areas worked to recover the flow of the bloodstream.

The work concludes with a deep massage on the head and in the face, which will provide a relief from all the facial muscles.

Also in the cranial massage we offer in Amon THAI, work pressure points on the head, face and external ear that will help reduce the stress caused by modern life in the big cities.

You can also include a bit of Reiki work in your massage doing it a perfect combination of energy recover.

Head Massage 30′ 30€

Treat yourself with our Head Massage performed using thai traditional techniques and points of acupressure. Disconnect from the world in an instant!

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