About us

Amon Thai Massage team is the result of training, enthusiasm and experience in the wide world of massages, from years of confidence in the joys of pleasure, a reflex action, the desire to share and to expand… By using sensual delights that take us to the Ancient Egypt and its gods Atum, Shu, Tefnut and Hathor.

Such confidence in our experience leads us the desire to share gentle, voluptuous and sublime caresses to our clients. Our aim is to offer exquisite massages that will transport us to a divine world of smooth furs and Aphrodite ́s bodies. Sensations you have not experienced before in the most discreetness, comfort and hygiene atmosphere.

Moments for celestial soul, sensitive skins and blooming bodies; all that in a magical setting that will take us to a lovely dream with an unforgettable touch.