Thai Massage Efects

Preventive and Curative Effects of Thai massage


Thai massage is so beneficial. Not only does it have curative effects, but prevents different illnesses and disorders. In fact, its efficiency is more than proven in both senses.

In AMON THAI we treat so many people with varied symptoms. Thanks to appropriate Thai massage for each ailment those symptoms will improve or even disappear.

It is important for the therapist to be specialized or to have a degree in this technique, as it is our case.

If the pain or energetic blockages are located in the lower limbs, a simple massage session will make this discomfort disappear. The therapists will put all their knowledge and techniques on practice, pressing, stretching and massaging appropriate areas. This way, by the end of the session, tension in the backbone (fundamental body axis) is released.

With different pressures, circles, rotation and massages we will achieve to increase joint flexibility and energy release stuck in treated zones, which in this case, for example, in the lower limbs will contribute to prevent sprains and strengthen legs and feet. It is also useful for pressure on the twins, plantar tendon and soleus, once the plantar and the Achilles tendon are stretched, annoying cramps that usually affect people will be prevented.

Before starting any Thai massage session, our therapists keep track of every client, because depending on their symptoms, a different type of massage will be applied. A simple conversation between our clients and our therapists will be enough to update with detail about the physical health of those receiving massage, and this way we will know how to apply the proper massage in order to alleviate any discomfort.



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