Effects of Massage

What Can We Expect from a Massage Session?   Regardless of why a massage has been requested, there is a series of additional benefits that one greatly needs. In the same way a medicinal plant not only benefits the diseased body area, but exerts actions on the rest of the body, massages provide numerous effects

Thai Massage and Yoga

THAI-YOGA MASSAGE Thai massage and yoga is an extraordinary combination to connect with yourself and with the surrounding world. It treats all aspects of the person: physical, vital, emotional, mental, and spiritual. This massage technique aims to center your own experience and broaden your understanding of the relationshop between body and mind.   The origin

Massage for Babies

Massage for babies and toddlers It is not very common to massage little kids or newborns, probably because we think they do not need it or because parents are not prepared to give a massage to their children. We want to make a few important recommendations for those who want to delight their children with