Stone Massage

Stone massage

This techique, Stone Therapy, originated in the United States and is relatively recent. Many benefits for the organism were tested during the nineties, and then it was used worldwide.

Although many people say this therapy was already practiced 5,000 years ago, in some way, when the Romans used to lay down on cold marble stones after a hot bath, and Indians in the Americas put hot stones on the belly to alleviate menstrual cramps.

It is mainly a massage complemented using soft stones (depends on the results we want they can be cold, hot or ambient temperature), is about soft and smooth rocks, we usually use basaltic rocks for being volcanic rocks, the more dense and darker contain more iron and this helps retain heat longer; and for cold stones, we use marble in most cases.

These stones are living inorganic energy containing a number of minerals such as zinc , phosphorus and vitamin E. Stones are placed just right on the chakras body point to open the energy channels while the therapist applies the massage in different parts of the body, achieving relaxation, oxygenating the skin and blood. The effect produced by the stones is stimulating and relaxing at once, and when combined with massage, the strong connection existing between the stones and body is stimulated.



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