Massages for Pregnant Women

Thai massage, a pleasure for those who are expecting.   Traditional Thai massage may seem as a strong and powerful massage by the way it is performed, by means of applying pressure and stretching, however this type of massage is considered a form of art inThailand, it is a sentient, fine, delicate and full of

Do massages help us to be more fertile?

Massages to help increase fertility   Whether or not different types of massages help to increase fertility, is something that has been highly debated, although there are no scientific studies that prove this, what has been demonstrated is that some types of massages can result highly effective to reduce stress and anxiety levels, and that

20 reasons why you should get a Thai massage

Benefits of a Thai massage When Thai massages are received frequently their benefits can be visibly noticed in:   A better functionality of the immune system. Betters the digestive system, respiratory, circulatory and nervous system. Diminishes stress. Relaxes those areas, all over the body, where tension accumulates. Thai massage should always be performed by an