Reiki Massage

Reiki Massage

Reiki is a trendy technique among western countries. Nowadays it is found in many centers or clinics, in different ways and from diverse types.

In Amon THAI we work based on Reiki Usui Traditional; the authentic healing Japanese technique.

Reiki provokes an instant relaxation effect on the nervous system. Every health condition can be treated with Reiki as a complementary treatment. Even though the results of this ancient Japanese technique can be surprisingly, Reiki is not a miraculous remedy and it is suggested to be received up to 3-4 sessions minimum to start noticing its benefits. In most cases Reiki helps to palliate stress, tension, anxiety, insomnia and emotional problems.

Reiki Massage is about channeling universal energy, that kind of energy that is present at all times and place around us continually. The person giving Reiki serves as a channel between the recipient and the universal energy of which we speak.

Through this technique, all the chakras and energy channels of the body will be cleaned. Additionally it is ideal for people with emotional problems, stress and anxiety states. This massage can help you reconnect with your soul, cleanse the negative energy that may have accumulated and also get repressed feelings and emotions.

Amon REIKI USUI 50′ 50€

Try now this ancient healing technique and experience the many benefits it can have for you. Try Reiki Massage and recover your energy!