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Thai Massage in Madrid

Thai Massage therapies transport us to Asia through techniques that combine Tui-Na Massage, Ayurveda Massage and Yoga. By following the energetic Sen lines, this massage is done through pressure points in different parts of the body, joint manipulation and unblocking and it helps us recover our vital energy as well as our physic and mental aspects, taking possession so that our body can touch the soul within the body.

All of our therapists have been trained at the jewel of the South East Asia, Thailand. Enjoy the best Traditional Thai Massage at the heart of Madrid.

Among the techniques of Traditional Thai-Massage, you can choose between different massage: nuad thai, massage oils, foot reflexology, head massage … choose your massage and enjoy alone or with friends.

Massages in AMON, have been carefully designed to offer a relaxing experience that will revitalize your body and leave you in perfect harmony and peace. Prepared from Traditional Thai techniques, these therapies are used to complement traditional medicine, a type of natural therapy widely practiced in Asia.

Thai Massage combine taming with specific pressure points in the body, whether muscle insertions or nerve endings. Put yourself in the hands of our professionals in Madrid.

Head massage in Madrid
Enjoy a deep skull-cervical massage of 30′. This massage works specifically on your head, neck and shoulders. Enjoy our Head massage in Madrid and let your thoughts go away.
Thai express massage in Madrid
A 30′ Thai massage for a specific part of your body. If you don’t have so much time and want a short treatment on a located zone of your body, back in example, this your massage. Try our back massage and recover your muscle equilibrium.
Foot reflexology in Madrid
Enjoy this 45′ massage for feet and legs. Discover wonderful benefits Thai Foot Reflexology has for you. Release pain on your lower body. An ideal massage for runners or “heavy legs”.
Incredible thai massage for pregnant women. Enjoy a wonderful pregnancy massage performed in lateral position to a perfect workout of your full body. After third month of gestation with medical authorisation.
A soft and relaxing massage with essential oils. Get fully relaxed with our Oil Massage. Activate blood circulation, detox your skin and calm your nervous system with this wonderful thai massage.
An exclusive massage for women. In this massage we use rosehip massage oils for a total woman beauty. The massage you’ve been looking for, only for her.
Enjoy our 90 minute Oil massage. We combine cold and hot massage oils to make a perfect treatment for all your skin. Incredibly relaxing massage that will bring your a deep state of peace.
Authentic Traditional Thai massage in Madrid. Deep muscle workout through thai massage pressures and stretches. A perfect massage that will release all your muscle tensions and stress.
Try our Thai Luxe massage of 90 minutes. Combining Traditional massage techniques with Lanna Tok Sen massage, you will reach a perfect equilibrium between your body and soul. A real gift for everyone.
The most exclusive Thai massage in the city. Two hours of traditional massage using all our best massage techniques. Feel like a king with this massage that your body is looking for.

Thai Traditional Massages

It is no longer news that a lot of people are now turning to various types of massage to alleviate their body tension and gain relief from stress. There are many types of massage that can be utilized for this purpose but one that has gained a lot of popularity in recent times is the Thai traditional massage

There are some people who do not really understand Thai traditional massage probably because of lack of information on the subject or other reasons. However, in order to appreciate Thai massage, it is important to understand what exactly is Thai massage? Knowing about Thai traditional massage will involve getting the basic information, the techniques and the benefits that can be derived from it.

History of Thai Massage

Thai massage has been in existence for a very long time and this is the general consensus. The origin can be traced at as far back as 3,000 years and it is said to be found by the physician of the Buddha, Jivaka Kumarbhacca. However, the assertion above is just a simple way of putting the origin of Thai massage as there is actually more to the story than just being found by one man.

There are other sources that claim that Kumarbhacca was a renowned practitioner of the Ayurvedic healing method and went on to become the head of the doctors in a community of monk and Buddhist followers. He appreciated Chinese traditional medicine and this he combined with Ayurvedic healing techniques as he arrived Thailand which was the center of trade between India and other Far East countries at that time. With this, he went on to formulate what is known as the four elements of the traditional Thai medicine of which Thai massage is one of them.

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Understanding Thai Traditional massage

It is important to note that traditional Thai massage focusses on the whole body and are known to work on the energy line commonly known as Sen which runs throughout the body. This type of massage helps to harmonize the body while the deficiencies of the energy lines are recouped. There is a kind of similarity between the traditional Thai massage and the Chinese medicine. For example, just like the Chinese medicine revive health though the use of acupuncture, Thai traditional massage is known to use a similar system of pressure points in healing and relieving stress.

One good thing about the traditional Thai massage that is worth mentioning is that whether you are the giver or receiver of the massage, you can always feel comfort, ease and joy. The massage has a way of opening you up in such a way that allows you to have more peace that benefits your health.

The giver is not left out in Thai traditional massage as they receive compassion, generosity and equanimity. In addition, there is also a feeling of loving kindness, oneness and a kind of pride which can only be felt by the healer. The receiver of the massage will have the feeling of joy, calmness as well as a refreshed spirit. On the physical side, it is important to note that the receiver of Thai traditional massage will feel an increase in energy and this is due to the opening of Sen as well as the opening of other blocked area of the body. With this, the receiver will also feel having relief from muscle problems and body pains. This is so because it is expected that the blood circulation will be improved while the nervous system will become balanced.

What is different in Thai Traditional massage?

One thing you must not forget when talking about Traditional Thai massage is that it is very different from western type of massage. In the first instance, this type of massage does not make use of massage oil or lotions unlike what is obtained in western style system of massage. Western countries make use of a type of oil that is made for massage and believe that this add to the romantic feeling of the activity.

Beside the absence of oil in traditional Thai massage, other important thing to note is that in Thai massage the recipient of the massage is fully clothed and this is a sharp contrast to the western style erotic massages.

In Thai massage, the practitioners are known to use more than just their hands. For example, they are also known to use other areas of the body like knees, forearms and even their feet.

Thai traditional massage works in such a way that applies rhythmic pressure in the specific points in the body which are known as the Sen Lines. In this kind of massage, the recipient could perform some yoga positions with the help of the practitioner. Performing these yoga positions in Thai traditional massage is one of the reasons why it is sometime called the “Thai Yoga Massage”.

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Thai Traditional massages Techniques

Like mentioned earlier, Thai traditional massage combines massage of the muscles, energy lines, pressure points, tendons with yoga like stretching. Note that there are a lot of energy lines in the body but this Thai massage focuses on the ten major energy lines called the “Sip Sen”.

Thai traditional massage takes place on a mat as opposed to a massage table and this is why the practitioner gets the advantage of stretching and maintaining a near perfect posture required for this kind of massage. Apart from hands, other parts of the body like the elbow and feet can be used but this will depend on the needs of the receiver.

In Thai traditional massage, it is important to vary the pressure especially for first times. For example, it is advisable to apply less pressure when doing it for the first time but as your body starts tolerating deeper work, the pressure can be increased. If you are receiver, you are at liberty to communicate the kind of pressure you are receiving and judge if it feels right for you. If you experience pains or other problems in some specific areas during the massage session, it is important to communicate this to the giver for help.

Like mentioned earlier, oil is not used in Thai traditional massage but this does not means it can’t be used at all. For example, if you have a preference for oil, you can request for oil especially if you are looking at working on tension at the back, shoulders and neck.

Note that Thai traditional massage is done in an integrated sequence procedure which take approximately 90 minutes for each massage session. However, in some cases especially in Thailand, you can have a massage time of about 2 hours or more and there is nothing wrong with this especially if you can afford the extra fees for the extended times. But generally speaking, you can get the benefits for scheduled massage of an hour, 1 ½ hours or more depending on your preference.

Benefits of Traditional Thai massage

There are a lot of benefits associated with Thai traditional massage even though it is more vigorous when compared to traditional types of massage. However, the effect of this kind of massage is usually relaxing and uniquely energizing due to the fact that it stimulates and energizes the body to release tension from muscles, joints and connective tissue. Besides all these, there are some health benefits associated with Thai traditional massage and they include.

Detoxification Lower blood pressure Adjusts the skeletal structure
Better sleep Lymphatic drainage Stimulates internal organs
Increased energy Improved alignment Improved circulation
Unblocking and balancing of energy flow Relief from aches and pains Increased flexibility and range of motion