Foot Reflexology

Foot Reflexology

This massage would be known in the west as foot reflexology. However, it is clearly similar in the points of pressure but different in technique. 

In Thai, “tao” means foot. Through the use of our hands and a Thai stick, we massage the feet and legs though pressure, rubbing and massaging. All the blood circulation will get activated in the areas of the massage and different organs will be stimulated through the sole.

Through Thai foot and leg massage or Thai foot reflexology, will relax all the muscles of the lower limb. Work in combination with essential oils that help reduce inflammation, relieve pain and relax the possible full muscles of the feet and legs, providing a pleasant aroma throughout also enter the bloodstream through the sole, and relax the nervous system.

This massage is ideal for those people who spend long hours standing, muscle overload athletes, runners or anyone wanting to experience the benefits that foot reflexology provides.

Thai Foot Reflexology 45′ 50€

For many people the feet are the center of the body, is our base of support and allowing us to move in our daily lives. In many feet is all bone joints between component parts and these are the first to receive impact forces and ground reaction while walking. Caring for your feet means to take care of your health and every body.

Put yourself in the hands of our professionals and enjoy Foot Reflexology techniques we apply.

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