Relax your back

Through your feet, with Thai massage

Many times we are looking for a back massage to be relaxed or to relieve pain, but few people know that feet Thai massages give a reflection effect on the backbone which not only relaxes the back, but also alleviates pain. This happens because there are areas in the foot related to the reflex zone in the backbone, and have a curved structure as well.


Feet Thai massages help the backbone have better function, improving mobility, easing back problems and normalizing its function. But in order to obtain desired results, our massage therapists must apply their refined technique to perfection, by pressing certain parts of the inner side of both feet, we will get not only benefits for the back but to the Central Nervous System.


In that small but very important part of our body such as feet, and those who many times do not pay attention and proper care, the massage therapist can press other parts like ankle articulations, thereby having better foot circulation, releasing tension on the back of it and favoring energy flow through the whole body.



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