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Holistic Healing: How Craniosacral Massage Transforms Lives

Holistic healing is a way to help people feel their best by taking care of their whole selves – body, mind, and spirit. One form of holistic healing gaining popularity is craniosacral massage therapy. This article explores how craniosacral massage therapy can have a positive impact on people’s lives and help them feel better in

Best Places to Practice Yoga in Madrid

Are you looking for a place to practice yoga in Madrid? If you’re living in or visiting Madrid and looking to add a little relaxation and exercise to your day, yoga might be a great option for you. Madrid is a lively city with a lot of people, cars, and noise, but it also has

What is Sports Massage and Who Needs It?

Have you ever wondered how athletes manage to stay at the top of their game and recover so quickly from injuries? The secret might just lie in sports massage! This isn’t your ordinary massage. It’s a specialized approach that targets the muscles used most during physical activities. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or someone who

Swedish massage: the easiest way to feel fully relaxed

Swedish Massage is a super relaxing way to help your body feel better and more relaxed. Imagine someone gently rubbing and pressing on your back, legs, and arms in a way that makes all the stress and tightness disappear. That’s what Swedish Massage is all about. It’s one of the most popular types of massage

Deep Tissue Massage in Madrid

Madrid, Spain’s lively capital, has much to offer, including a special way to unwind and feel good: deep tissue massage. This method is more than just a simple rubdown. It’s a powerful tool to help with body aches and stress. Lately, more people in Madrid have started to choose this type of massage to feel

A Royal Massage

Thai Massage is a form of massage and manipulation practiced in modern day Thailand, although the origins of this massage lie in the ancient medicine forms of India, China and other countries of south-east Asia. However, what we generally refer to Thai massage is only one of the most generalised and widely-practiced forms of ancient

Exploring the Impact of Massage Therapy on Fertility

Infertility is a common struggle that many couples face when trying to have a baby. It can be a difficult and emotionally overwhelming experience, causing couples to look for different ways to reduce stress and increase their chances of getting pregnant. One therapy that has become popular is massage therapy. In this article, we will

Relax your back through your feet with Thai massage

Do you often find yourself battling with back pain or muscle tension? If so, you’re not alone. Many people suffer from back problems due to our modern lifestyles of long hours spent sitting and a lack of physical activity. But what if I told you there’s a unique way to relieve your back troubles that

Pain Relief Massage

Do you often find yourself plagued by chronic pain that hampers your quality of life? Seeking solace from the relentless discomfort can be an exhausting and frustrating journey. Thankfully, there might be a solution within reach that offers both relaxation and relief: pain relief massage. Imagine a world where tension and pain melt away under

Tui Na Massage

It is a body massage practiced in China for centuries and the oldest massage system known. This massage technique was described in classic internal medicine of the Yellow Emperor, written about 2,500 years ago. It is literally translated as “push and hold” and is an importante treatment in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Tui Na massage is

Thai massage with Bamboo Therapy

AMON THAI offers this exquisite massages, they can be either individually or in pairs, where Thai techniques are combined with bamboo therapy. It is an alternative relaxation therapy and physical improvement that deeply stimulates the skin, the muscles, the adipose tissue and Nervous System due to the soft and pleasuring contact with bamboo on different

Balinese Massage

This magnificent massage comes from Ayurvedice Hindu Medicine, related to the Traditional Chinese Medicine, from the Bali Island, hence its name. Balinese massage is applied all over the body using medium/high pressures that favor relaxation and dissolve tension in deep tissue. It consists of a full body massage with aromatherapy, and is characterized by its

Massage for Babies

It is not very common to massage little kids or newborns, probably because we think they do not need it or because parents are not prepared to give a massage to their children. We want to make a few important recommendations for those who want to delight their children with the advantages that the broad

Chi Nei Tsang Massage

This type of massage is mainly focused on the abdominal area, with the intention being to make this part of the body feel good. “Chi” means energy and “Nei Tsang” means internal organs. This ancient massage is based on Taoism philosophy which argues that the abdomen is the center of our body and essential to

Gua Sha Massage

Has it ever been pondered how the world is going back to the techniques of our ancestors? That is because those practices and ideologies were healthy for the body and mind, including the Gua Sha massage, the oldest known healing technique. The origin lies within Chinese medicine and has its roots in the Ming Dynasty.

Best Thermal Spas Around the World

You might have heard of beauty spas and massage parlours, but thermal spas have become very popular. If you want to relax to the fullest and have all the pains soothed away, a thermal spa is what you need. If you have no idea or the slightest idea of what is a thermal spa, don’t

Lanna Tok Sen Massage

Traditional Thai massage is a well-known and recommended technique and an excellent therapeutic and relaxing method. It is particularly recommended to relieve deep muscle contractions, old injuries, insomnia, fluid retention, and rheumatism, as well as to help alleviate nervous system disorders. However, there are still many unknown Thai traditional medical techniques and practices in our

Anti Cellulite Massage

Thai massage is extremely beneficial to treat different problems in the body, and is also used to reduce, that so feared, cellulite that affects the majority of women. Through different techniques of Thai massage, we can help stimulate the circulatory systems, both blood and lymphatic, and at the same time alleviate swelling and better muscle

Massages for Pregnant Women

Traditional Thai massage may seem as a strong and powerful massage by the way it is performed, by means of applying pressure and stretching, however this type of massage is considered a form of art inThailand, it is a sentient, fine, delicate and full of love massage. There is a connection that exists, outside of

Aromatherapy and Thai massage

Aromatherapy is a therapeutic discipline that benefits from the properties in the aromatic oils that are extracted from aromatic plants, to reestablish equilibrium and harmony to the body and mind to better our health.  The word “aroma” means sweet smell, and “therapy” treatment designed to cure. To differ from other therapies, the healing potential, in

Best Hotels in Thailand

Are you planning to go on a vacation? Are you planning to visit the beautiful and culturally rich country of Thailand? If so, do you wonder what are some of the best hotels that you can stay in? After all, hotels are extremely important when you visit a new place to ensure that you are

12 Best Thai Massage Schools in Thailand

Thailand is the ideal location for learning the traditional Thai massage technique. Thailand, renowned for its deep cultural legacy and ancient medical practices, provides a wide range of opportunities for individuals looking to learn the art of Thai massage. We’ll explore the top 12 Thai massage schools in this article so you can fully immerse

Sen Sib – Thai Massage Energy Lines

Sen lines, often referred to as Sen Sib, are an important concept in traditional Thai massage. Thai massage practitioners hold the belief that the body is crossed by a network of energy lines through which life force energy (also known as “lom”) flows. This belief is rooted in Thailand’s ancient healing practices. These energy pathways

Ideas for couple activities in Madrid

Couples may have a ton of special experiences in Madrid, the energetic city of Spain. The city offers the ideal setting for romantic experiences with its gorgeous architecture, lush gardens, as well as a rich cultural legacy. These beautiful suggestions for couple activities in Madrid will surely kindle the flame between you and your spouse

2 Weeks in Thailand: The Perfect Itinerary

Are you seeking once-in-a-lifetime vacation to a far-off place? Thailand should be your only choice! Thailand caters to all travellers with its bustling cities, pristine coastlines, as well as tropical jungles. This Southeast Asian country is the ideal choice for a two-week vacation, with gorgeous beaches as well as exciting nightlife. This post will provide

10 Must-Watch Thai Movies

If you’re looking to explore new cultures and gain a fresh perspective, Thai cinema is an excellent place to start. Thai movies have gained international recognition for their unique storylines, stunning visuals, and compelling performances. From heartwarming romantic comedies to gripping thrillers, there is something for everyone in Thai cinema. In this blog post, we

21 Interesting Facts about Thai Culture (That You Didn’t Know)

Thailand is well-known for its friendly people, delectable cuisine, and beautiful beaches, yet there is much more to the nation than first appears. You might not be aware of many fascinating and distinctive facts about Thailand, ranging from peculiar superstitions to unusual traditions and customs. We’ll look at the amazing 21 interesting facts about Thai

10 Delicious Thai Recipes Easy to Make – Step by Step

Have a craving for Thai cuisine? You don’t need to look for that Thai takeout menu or the closest Asian eatery. You will often find pretty bland and moderate Thai food in several places around you, except for a few extremely authentic Thai eateries. The only definite method to obtain those flavourful, strong Thai tastes

The Best Thai Restaurants in Madrid

Are you craving some of the best Thai food in Madrid? Whether you’re looking for the authentic flavours of Southeast Asia or just want to try something different, you’ve come to the right place. Madrid is home to several amazing Thai restaurants, each with its unique spin on traditional cuisine. From vegan and vegetarian options

Reusi Dat Ton: Self-Stretching Yoga

Reusi Dat Ton is a form of Thai yoga that has been practiced for hundreds of years. It is a combination of various physical postures, breathing exercises, and meditative techniques that help to improve flexibility, strength, and overall well-being. The practice originated in Thailand and was once only passed down through generations, but today it

What is Thai Yoga Massage?

Welcome to the world of Thai Yoga Massage! Thai Massage is an ancient form of massage that originated in Thailand thousands of years ago. It combines elements of yoga as well as ayurvedic healing into a unique system that offers deep relaxation and healing. In this article, we will explore what Thai Massage is, its

History of Thailand: Everything You Need to Know!

Ah, Thailand! Home to exotic cuisine, beautiful beaches, and a fascinating history that spans centuries. In this article, we’ll take a journey through the history of Thailand – from ancient times to the present day. You’ll learn about its long-standing cultures, religions, and political developments, as well as its place in the world today. So

What is ayurveda massage?

Ayurvedic medicine is one of the oldest holistic healing systems in the world, with a 5,000 year old history that originates from India. The word Ayurveda originates from the Sanskirt word which is interpreted as ‘knowledge of life’. The practice revolves round the belief that health and wholesome wellbeing hinges on an essential balance between the

Thai Massage and Yoga

THAI-YOGA MASSAGE Thai massage and yoga is an extraordinary combination to connect with yourself and with the surrounding world. It treats all aspects of the person: physical, vital, emotional, mental, and spiritual. This massage technique aims to center your own experience and broaden your understanding of the relationshop between body and mind.   The origin

Massage Genetic

Massage genetic Ignorance of the underlying massages’ biological basis, makes some doctors feel very skeptical against the benefits it brings.   Mark Tanopolsky, one of the researchers on this subject, as part of his recovery went to receive a massage after having an accident, and this occurred so effectively that he decided to find the

Massages in Madrid

How a good massage is… Everyone knows the benefits of a good massage in the moment we suffer pain in the neck, shoulders, back, etc… but few know about the existence of a ‘’small brain in every finger somewhere between phalanges” as referred by José Saramago, which is claimed by those very annoying and painful

California Massage

California massage The main goal of this massage is to relax body and mind, release the patient’s stress through energy flow. This technique started during the sixties at the Esalen Institute of California. The California massage consists on very smooth and enveloping movements, slowly adjusting to the patient’s breathing and passes become increasingly longer, covering

Thai Massage Pressures

Thai Massage : Pressure Aware More than two centuries and a half ago, Thai massage broke into the life of humanity, through the personal physician of Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha. This technique is considered a complete treatment for mind and soul, it has the ultimate goal of recovering the energy balance, although, is invaluable for

Chi Nei Tsang

Healing from within Chi Nei Tsang is an ancient Chinese technique of massage therapy. It is said to be invented and first practiced by a Taoist monk in a remote monastery located in the rugged mountainous regions of China. The ancient Taoist monks believed in Chi, the energy source or the inherent vital force of

Combat Migraines with Shiatsu

A ver effective remedy against migraines Today, more and more people suffer from continuos headaches caused by migraines produced by a an accumulation of stress and excessive tension. Here, at Amon Thai we would like to propose an effective treatment to alleviate this disorder that is so very common and effects our day to day

20 reasons why you should get a Thai massage

Benefits of a Thai massage When Thai massages are received frequently their benefits can be visibly noticed in: A better functionality of the immune system. Betters the digestive system, respiratory, circulatory and nervous system. Diminishes stress. Relaxes those areas, all over the body, where tension accumulates. Thai massage should always be performed by an authorized

Thai Massages in Madrid

Traditional Thai massage is an ancient technique that is directly linked to Buddhism practice. This massage started as a way of relaxing the mind, body, and soul, and having a close spiritual connection that helps stimulate compassion, happiness and joy. Thai massages also have medicinal and preventive advantages. Energetic blockage is when there is an

Thai Massage

Your muscles will thank you. Everyone knows that massages are very beneficial for our musculature, and it are a way to recuperate after a hard work out or physical effort. Stretching is also highly recommended to alleviate these tensions but in some occasions it is not enough to obtain an improvement. This is why Thai

Thai Massage with Herbal Bundles

Thai Herbal We have already pointed out the numerous amount of benefits that Thai massages have to offer. This same massage with herbal bundles is even more acknowledged in the east, known for easing pain in articulations and and injuries, muscles and ligaments. It is a valuable tool that provides us with curative actions upon