Combat Migraines with Shiatsu

A ver effective remedy against migraines

Today, more and more people suffer from continuos headaches caused by migraines produced by a an accumulation of stress and excessive tension.

Here, at Amon Thai we would like to propose an effective treatment to alleviate this disorder that is so very common and effects our day to day life. It is shiatsu for migraines, when applied to the head it is very effective, eliminating energy blockages and increasing energy that increases ki ( vital energy ) and reestablishes the balance between our ying and yang, overflowing us with energy.

The meaning of shiatsu is “medical treatment” in Japanese. It origins go back thousands of years when their ancestors used massages for medical purposes and healing. It is a treatment that is based on applying pressure to certain spots on the patients head and face.

The pressure and force applied while stimulating these spots are key to obtain the desired results, for this reason here at Amon Thai we have a professional staff specifically trained in Japanese techniques, and know to the perfection the key spots and intensity needed to apply pressure adequately.

If we add to this effective treatment, a healthy diet, tiring to avoid coffee, chocolate, alcohol, etc. sleep properly and avoid a sedentary life style, working out daily, we can achieve a great progress in alleviating severe headaches.

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