A Royal Massage

Thai Massage is a form of massage and manipulation practiced in modern day Thailand, although the origins of this massage lie in the ancient medicine forms of India, China and other countries of south-east Asia. However, what we generally refer to Thai massage is only one of the most generalized and widely-practiced forms of ancient Thai medicinal therapy. In fact, this is purely a scientific medicinal form which is even regulated by the Government of Thailand.


A Royal Massage


Speaking in the true traditional sense, the most extravagant, luxurious and royal form of Thai massage, known in the local language as ‘rajasamnak’, was not even offered as a service to the general public. It was only meant for the royal family. The influence of Chinese acupuncture is clearly and most prominently visible in this form of Thai massage.

This acupuncture-based massage was traditionally given to the kings and ministers of the kingdom in order to relieve the stress of the entire body by applying sufficient amount of pressure only to specific points of the body.


Thai Massage Nowadays


The more commonly used form of Thai massage is known as ‘chalosiak’. When we use the generic term Thai massage, we are basically referring to this ‘chalosiak’. This is the form of Thai massage that gained public recognition and even made its way out of Thailand to various corners of the world. Today thousands of Thai massage therapists are earning their livelihood working in the United States, Europe, India and several other parts of the world.

Quite possibly, the purest, oldest and most authentic form of this beautiful therapeutic massage has long been lost. Maybe the true practitioners of the elegant and royal ‘rajasamnak’ can only be found in the dog-eared pages of Thai royal family history.

But one thing is for sure, Thai massage has evolved throughout the years to become the most sought after massage therapy in the whole world.



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