Nuad Thai Massage

Nuad Thai Massage

The Traditional Thai Massage was created and transmitted through centuries through lineages of masters.

Enjoy this massage futon as they do in the North of Thailand. Working on Sen lines or energy channels of the body, releasing tensions and providing a general mental, physical and spiritual rest.

The Nuad Thai massage works from head to toe through pressure, joint manipulations and breakouts. This massage is quite deep muscular level since therapists work with your body weight.

The kind of pressure that is made does not reach uncomfortable or painful, rather it is a comforting and releasing pressure. We recommend that if there is any point of intense pain at some point nuad thai massage, the therapist will exhale while performing the pressure. This way your body will not oppose the pressure that we make, and you will get more relaxed state.

Depending on the length of your massage and fitness, will work on different body positions and always end the session on a deep and relaxing work in your head, the best gift you can give.

If this is the first time you will receive a Nuad Thai massage, do not worry, we will not perform forced stretches that could harm their health. We also recall that the Traditional Thai Massage does not include any kind of sexual service, is a therapeutic and medical massage.

Nuad Thai Massage 60′ 60€
Thai Luxe Massage 90′ 90€
Thai Siam Massage 120′ 120€

Some of the benefits of Nuad Thai Massage:

  • Increases the flexibility in muscles, joints and tendons.
  • Improves mobility, strengthens joints and helps segregate synovial fluid.
  • Prevents injuries in muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments.
  • Tones up the nervous system.
  • Improves and increases the bloody, lymphatic and energetic pressure.
  • Benefits the good running and prevents diseases in inner organs.
  • Strengthens the immune system, increasing the self-healing that it possess.
  • Reduces stress and anxiety drastically.
  • Increases the respiratory capacity.
  • Improves the memory.

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