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Companies & Events


From Amon Thai Massage we want to present our service to companies and events. We offer a professional high quality service on time. We are transparent in our hiring process, once you close the deal with us you will have no more worries.


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Every person working for a Company, big or small, likes to feel valued. They probably dedicate more time to your business than to their family and sometimes stopping for a while, relaxing to the fullest and recover all vital energy through a good Thai massage not only favors the receiver but also your Company.
If you have a Company and want to offer a health service for your employees and have organized a special day to give them the care they deserve, you are in the best hands for it. Whether you want to come visit our facilities and enjoy the massage in the best conditions or you need us to move to a specific place, you will have no problem.
After an experience like this, efficiency on your employees will definitely improve as well as their ability to concentrate, to work, plus the respect and admiration felt for the Company.


You organized an event and want to surprise all the assistants?

companies and events

Maybe you have an upcoming event running by your organization: presenting a new line of health & beauty products, a marathon with athletes and fans or a group of business coaching after long day of training and motivation.

Imagine! You have a beauty salon, you have been working there for years and already presented numerous product lines. But this time you need to make the difference among your competitors. Your guests previously relax with a skull-facial massage in its real Thai style.


No matter what event you have, we ensure that through our oriental therapy everyone will have complete balance, peace and harmony. Either private or facing the public, Amon Thai Massage adapts to your needs with competent prices.

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