Do massages help us to be more fertile?

Massages to help increase fertility

Whether or not different types of massages help to increase fertility, is something that has been highly debated, although there are no scientific studies that prove this, what has been demonstrated is that some types of massages can result highly effective to reduce stress and anxiety levels, and that way, the predisposition to become pregnant is much greater, and this way increase fertility.

The frenetic life style that goes on in our day to day or the anxiety caused when tiring to become pregnant, may cause problems when tiring to do so. Through different kinds of massages, it is possible to reduce stress, not only psychologically but also in our muscles and reproductive system and this way improve fertility. This massage is specifically designed to stimulate the hormones and blood flow towards the reproductive organs.

The techniques that are most recommended to try to increase the possibilities of becoming pregnant and increase fertility are: reflexology, reiki, and Mayan massage.

Reflexology is a technique that treats determined spots or points in the feet and hands, and this way reduce discomfort and tensions throughout the organism, increasing the possibilities of becoming pregnant. It is clear that reflexology by itself does not guarantee an increase of fertility, but as a part of the treatment to increase fertility, it is highly effective.

Reiki, is considered by many experts to be a natural therapeutical treatment to increase fertility due to the fact that it increases and channels the bodies energy, helping one to feel better in general. This way, the female body is much more prepared to receive a future conception. Reiki is highly recommended during the pregnancy, reducing back pain and prepares the body for giving birth.

Mayan massage is based on a combination of ancient techniques from Mayan healing and the knowledge that we know today about anatomy. In this massage we manipulate the muscles and tendons in the abdominal area, helping them to balance and work together in the correct manner.

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