Gua Sha Massage

Has it ever been pondered how the world is going back to the techniques of our ancestors? That is because those practices and ideologies were healthy for the body and mind, including the Gua Sha massage, the oldest known healing technique. The origin lies within Chinese medicine and has its roots in the Ming Dynasty.

Best Thermal Spas Around the World

You might have heard of beauty spas and massage parlours, but thermal spas have become very popular. If you want to relax to the fullest and have all the pains soothed away, a thermal spa is what you need. If you have no idea or the slightest idea of what is a thermal spa, don’t

Lanna Tok Sen Massage

Traditional Thai massage is a well-known and recommended technique and an excellent therapeutic and relaxing method. It is particularly recommended to relieve deep muscle contractions, old injuries, insomnia, fluid retention, and rheumatism, as well as to help alleviate nervous system disorders. However, there are still many unknown Thai traditional medical techniques and practices in our