Lanna Tok Sen Massage

Lanna Tok Sen Massage

Traditional Thai massage is a well-known and recommended technique and an excellent therapeutic and relaxing method. It is particularly recommended to relieve deep muscle contractions, old injuries, insomnia, fluid retention, and rheumatism, as well as to help alleviate nervous system disorders. However, there are still many unknown Thai traditional medical techniques and practices in our country – for instance, the Lanna Tok Sen Massage.


lanna tok sen massageLanna Tok Sen Massage is a method from the Lampun zone, Lanna, Thailand. Although uncertain, some believe that Tok Sen technique has a history of more than 5,000 years and was developed in Lanna (a region in northern Thailand).


The peculiarity of this type of massage is its main working tool, the Tok Sen: a small wooden mallet used to hit a stick or chisel also made of wood, which produces mechanical vibrations and sounds deeply working through the muscles.


Vibration waves penetrate soft tissue, muscle, ligaments, tendons and fascia stimulating cell repair and acting very deeply. The absorption rate is so deep that it is very effective in old injuries where working with hands can cause too much pain for the patient. Consider that the human body is composed of 70% liquid and vibration circulates much better through liquid than solids.


Another feature of Tok Sen is the sound. This instrument is created from hardwood which with rhythmic and repetitive hits will create a sound and a very particular and relaxing atmosphere. Therefore, it is an effective technique to mobilize blocked energy through vibration produced by the hits of the Tok Sen, in a relaxing and rhythmic way.


lanna tok sen massage

Lanna Tok Sen massage is an excellent therapeutic method in the treatment of fluid retention, rheumatism, contractures, bone injuries, sleep disorders, fatigue, stress, and energetic blockages.


When the Tok Sen is used, the therapist controls the intensity and speed of every stroke in order to adapt the treatment to the need of each patient, without causing pain. For this reason, there are more therapists using it for treatments. It can be perfectly adapted and combined with other treatments or therapies.



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