Thai Massages in Madrid

Traditional Thai massage is an ancient technique that is directly linked to Buddhism practice. This massage started as a way of relaxing the mind, body, and soul, and having a close spiritual connection that helps stimulate compassion, happiness and joy. Thai massages also have medicinal and preventive advantages. Energetic blockage is when there is an

Thai Massage

Your muscles will thank you. Everyone knows that massages are very beneficial for our musculature, and it are a way to recuperate after a hard work out or physical effort. Stretching is also highly recommended to alleviate these tensions but in some occasions it is not enough to obtain an improvement. This is why Thai

Thai Massage with Herbal Bundles

Thai Herbal We have already pointed out the numerous amount of benefits that Thai massages have to offer. This same massage with herbal bundles is even more acknowledged in the east, known for easing pain in articulations and and injuries, muscles and ligaments. It is a valuable tool that provides us with curative actions upon