Thai Massage

Your muscles will thank you.

Everyone knows that massages are very beneficial for our musculature, and it are a way to recuperate after a hard work out or physical effort. Stretching is also highly recommended to alleviate these tensions but in some occasions it is not enough to obtain an improvement. This is why Thai massages are so recommended, this ancient technique is the perfect way to eliminate tensions and negativity caused to the organism by ecsercise, bad posture, or daily stress.

To do so, and the difference from traditional massages, is that other thechniques are used to manipulate the muscles such as applying pressure and stretching the body with the masseuses hands, feet, knees…. And this way achieve the desired action upon he body.

Thai massage, along with stretching and pressure is applied to the affected ares to generate heat, the base of this massage. The same occurs with the feet, using them to press on stronger and larger muscles. Once we have preformed the compression we shall than proceed to stretching and adopt the proper posture to achieve the activation of these muscles. 

All of these measures properly taken will help us to achieve a healthier organism, musculature and articulations. We will unblock these parts of the body and recuperate muscle tone, and this way loosen our articulations avoiding stiffness and future injuries.

Many benefits can be found through Thai massages, along with stronger muscles and articulations we can also benefit from thai massages when performing sports, considering it helps to have a wider movement, better flexibility, strengthens articulations to avoid future injury and a more fluid energy flow. We should also point out the phycological benefits obtained, since it is a method used for relaxation and escape valve. 

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