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Best massage spas in Thailand

Thailand boasts an impressive number of first-rate spas. But in-between these outstanding health retreats are a slew of wellness retreats of all shapes and sizes. If you’re one of those thousands of tourists who jet off to Thailand to experience Thai variations of relaxation and body therapy, then it’s critical for you to know the

Effects of Massage

What Can We Expect from a Massage Session?   Regardless of why a massage has been requested, there is a series of additional benefits that one greatly needs. In the same way a medicinal plant not only benefits the diseased body area, but exerts actions on the rest of the body, massages provide numerous effects

Massage for Babies

Massage for babies and toddlers It is not very common to massage little kids or newborns, probably because we think they do not need it or because parents are not prepared to give a massage to their children. We want to make a few important recommendations for those who want to delight their children with

Gua Sha Massage

Gua Sha Massage Gua Sha massage is one of the oldest therapeutic methods used by mankind and is little known in the Western world. Rubbing or scraping the skin will have a high therapeutic value for more than one hundred diseases.   Around the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), Chang Ching Yueh described this method in a

Thai Massage Efects

Preventive and Curative Effects of Thai massage   Thai massage is so beneficial. Not only does it have curative effects, but prevents different illnesses and disorders. In fact, its efficiency is more than proven in both senses. In AMON THAI we treat so many people with varied symptoms. Thanks to appropriate Thai massage for each

Chi Nei Tsang

Healing from within Chi Nei Tsang is an ancient Chinese technique of massage therapy. It is said to be invented and first practiced by a Taoist monk in a remote monastery located in the rugged mountainous regions of China. The ancient Taoist monks believed in Chi, the energy source or the inherent vital force of

Japanese Facial Massage

Kobido Facial Massage The Japanese Kobido facial massage is combination of Traditional Japanese Medicine and Massage Techniques, using concepts from both, which have been modified and developed from Anma (tradicional Japanese massage) over the past 500 years. It stops signs of aging, improves oxygenation and nutrition of skin cells, results can be seen from the first session.Because of

Thai Massage with Herbal Bundles

Thai Herbal We have already pointed out the numerous amount of benefits that Thai massages have to offer. This same massage with herbal bundles is even more acknowledged in the east, known for easing pain in articulations and and injuries, muscles and ligaments. It is a valuable tool that provides us with curative actions upon

New Relax Thai Massage with Essential Oils

Relax Thai Massage with Essential Oils Enjoy our fantastic relaxing thai massage with our anti-stress oils. The massage will combine traditional thai massage with oil thai massage, a perfect fusion created just for you. Furthermore you will benefit from the grandiose power of Aromatherapy with our anti-stress oils compound of marjoraine and lavandula. Amon Thai