Best massage spas in Thailand

Thailand boasts an impressive number of first-rate spas. But in-between these outstanding health retreats are a slew of wellness retreats of all shapes and sizes.

If you’re one of those thousands of tourists who jet off to Thailand to experience Thai variations of relaxation and body therapy, then it’s critical for you to know the spas that deliver maximally. Whether you’re looking to get a Thai massage as part of your general wellbeing regimen, or you just want to experience a wholesome authentic Thai massage that’s different from what you get in typical Western spas, then you should check out the following of best massage spas in Thailand:


Temple in Ayutthaya Thailand


1. Chiva-Som International Health Resort

Spa enthusiasts who have an extensive experience with Thai spas regard this spot as the leader of the pack of all Thai Spas. This grandiose spa, which has been graced by numerous international celebrities, features some 52 treatment rooms, where it provides over 200 therapies. Some key features here include a hydrotherapy suite, relaxation rooms fitted with heated water beds, and flotation tanks. The list of services offered here is quite exhaustive, featuring beauty and detox treatments, as well as therapies such as targeted massage, flotation, Swedish massage, plus lots more. To offer even more options for unwinding and refreshing, the spa offers exotic cuisines, as well as cooking classes.


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Beautiful temple in Thailand


2. Anatara Bophut Koh Samui Resort & Spa

Offering a breathtaking view of the remarkable Thailand beach and lush verdure, the Anantara Bophut Resort & Spa seeks to purvey wellness experiences in a tranquil, stunning backdrop. Its main attraction is the Anantara Lawana Coconut Paradise, a liberal treatment of cocunt scrub, wrap, and Thai massage administered for no less than three hours. The treatment starts with a cleansing shower, and then proceeds to the floral foot ritual, and then the Essence of White coconut scrub exfoliation, and then the Essence of White coconut wrap, and finally culminates in an unwinding, rejuvenating massage. There’s also the Dawn Renewal treatment which is a 165 minute treatment that cleanses and exfoliates using green tea extract; and the Dusk relaxation treatment which features floral foot ritual, foot reflexology and Swedish massage.


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Beautiful Buda temple in Thailand


3. Atsumi Healing

Couched in the southern end of Phuket. this spa provides lavish, original massage experiences. It features cossetting outdoor gazebos that are perfect settings for meditation and siesta. The experience starts with ginger tea in the yoga sala, and culminates in a classic wood-burning Thai herbal sauna late on in the afternoon. The list of spa treatment available here is quite impressive, ranging from galvanic facials to anti-cellulite body wraps. The detox programs furnish reinvigorating menu featuring wheatgrass shooters probiotics, etc. To offer even more thrills, the spa offers exotic raw food cuisines.


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Beautiful landscape in Thailand


4. The Spa Koh Chang Resort

This is one of the most trendy wellness retreat in Koh Chang. It seeks to eliminate discouraging hunger pangs from detox schemes by offering an exhaustive menu of sumptuous detox juices and raw foods. You can even opt for raw food desserts. All the resturant’s recipes are prepared using fresh fruits and veggies sourced locally from the nearby Doi Kum Royal Project, and seafood from the Salak Kok fishing village. To further enhance the efficacy of the detox program, the detox regimens feature exhilarating activities such as hiking and kayaking across the island.


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White Temple in Chiang Rai Thailand


5. Mandara JW Marriot Phuket Resort & Spa

With an overlooking view of the Andaman sea, and a 27 acre premises filled with lush verdure and freshwater ponds, the Mandara spa has bagged numerous international accolades. It features 16 private treatment rooms and 5 outdoor Thai massage salas. There are two exclusive therapies that have helped placed the spot prominently on the world map — the Ritual of Javanese Lulur, which incorporates a floral foot ritual, full body exfoliation, a moisturizing yogurt and milk bath, and a traditional Balinese massage; and the Mandara Signature Massage, which is carried out by two therapists who use a unique combination of natural oils from sandalwood, ylang ylang plants and patchouli to deliver 5 types of massage.


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Beautiful beach in Thailand


6. Amatara Wellness Resort

Nestled in the serene bay of Cape Panwa, the Amatara Wellness Resort offers personalized programs for detox, weight management, fitness, yoga, and leisure. The retreat also provides roundtrip airport transfer, accommodation, 3 healthy meals daily, health consultations, as well as an impressive range of treatments. Chief among these is the Thai Hamman, Amatara’s signature treatment for complete rejuvenation and refreshment.


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Fireworks in Dhammakaya Pagoda Thailand


7. Banyan Tree Spa

This spa has bagged the World’s Best Spa award from several international organizations, thanks in a huge part to its remarkable array of wellness and relaxation treatments. It’s most remarkable treatment is the Royal Bayan treatment, which offers the best of both Eastern and Western therapeutic treatments using a therapeutic pouch made with herbs, spices and warm sesame oil.


Another outstanding treatment is the Rainmist Experience, which incorporates a Rainmist steam bath, rain shower, and the proprietary Banyan Tree Spa massage. Other notable treatments include the Master Therapist Experience, which is a 90-minutes bespoke massage performed by Banyan Spa’s Master Therapist; as well as the Samui Rainforest, a signature treatment which uses ultramodern hydrothermal facilities to perform memorable therapies.


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Beautiful jetty in Thailand


8. The Sanctuary Thailand

This is the perfect getaway retreat in the Koh Phagan island. Located in the tranquil bay of Had Tien, it provides a rich variety of detox juices and recipes, including raw food recipes, candida, master cleanses, and lots more. Besides its highly effective detox programs and wellness treatments, the Sanctuary also panders to leisure, offering a impressive menu of mouthwatering vegetarian Thai and Indian dishes, and energizing fruit smoothies.


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Beautiful temple in Thailand


9. Samahita Retreat

This spot is of world renown primarily because of its first-rate yoga, detox and cleansing programs. The Samahita retreat has trained numerous yoga teachers who’ve mastered the art of sun salutations on the sea view and private balconies in this spot. Another intriguing feature of the Samahita Retreat is the eco-friendly rooms with brickwork structures which curb energy and sound loss. Guests are treated to a delightful spa menu. The spa also boasts of impressive infrared saunas.


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Mysterious temples in Thailand


10. The Oriental Spa

With a range of Spa treatments and Ayurvedic treatments which incorporate traditional and modern techniques, this is another leading Spa in Thailand. Chief among its range of customized treatments is the Oriental Organic Journey, a 150-minute signature treatment which starts with a full-body scrub using grated coconut, green beans jasmine rice, and coconut oil, and then proceeds to a herbal hair treatment, and is then finalized with a steam bath, an unwinding body massage with rice milk cream, and shower.


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