Couple Massages

masajes en pareja Madrid

Couple Massage in Madrid 

Enjoy the excellent couple massage we propose, or for two people, and take this incredible opportunity!
You can choose between Oil Thai massage, Traditional Thai massage, Thai Herbal massage one hour long, or a combination of them all in a 90-minute Thai Luxe Massage.

Enjoy a wonderful Thai Oil Massage for couples. A soft relaxing massage through all your body. This massage will activate blood circulation, provide elasticity to your skin and calm your nervous system. A perfect git to enjoy in love together.
Authentic Thai Traditional Massage for couples. Deep muscle work and relax through thai acupressure points, body pressures and stretching. The perfect treatment to relieve muscle tension and stress.
Complete you Traditional Massage treatment with Luk Pra Kob massage. Discover all the benefits this herbal balls have for you. Real thai herbs.
Our best massage, the best gift to your body. Full Thai Traditional massage of 90 minutes combined with Tok Sen massage and Foot Reflexology. You will reach a deep state of peace, relax and muscle relieve.