Oil Massage

masaje thai de aceites en pareja en Madrid

Thai Oil massage for Couples

Come and relax to the fullest with your partner using this magnificent oriental manual therapy and achieve the best therapeutic results, reaching disconnection and welfare through this essential oil massage.
Enjoy an incredible and relaxing Thai massage with our anti-stress oil. The massage will combine traditional Thai massage and Oil Thai massage techniques, a perfect fusion to easily relax the Nervous System and balance energy in the body. In addition, you will enjoy the amazing power of Aromatherapy with our anti-stress oil base marjoram and lavender. With Aromatherapy we will seize the great properties of essential oil extracted from aromatic plants to reset balance and harmony of mind and body for benefit of our health.

How is Thai Oil massage

The massage will begin with soft pressures on feet, legs and back using traditional Thai techniques to get muscle warming underway. The therapist will later perform the massage with oils made in Amon Thai by our specialists in aromatherapy, and work all that muscle treated previously with frictions and sliding to relax the body to its fullest.
Then you will receive a specific work of reflexology through manual techniques to finish on deep work of shoulders, neck, head and face. The massage will be performed on futons over Japanese tatami for your comfort. In our center you will find an environment in great conditions to get the results we want and reach that state of physical and mental relaxation we need.
This massage is especially recommended for those people who suffer from acute muscle pain or contractures, and helps combat any disorder resulting from stress, depression, anxiety or nervousness.
In any case it is a massage that everyone should try and enjoy to escape stress and routine. Our body deserves it.

Thai Oil Massage for Couples
Usual price for 2 people 120€
Offer for Couples 60′ Massage 100€

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