Herbal Massage

masaje luk pra kob en pareja Madrid

Luk Pra Kob: Herbal Massage for Couples

Put yourself in the best hands to regenerate and come back with energy to your everyday life.

In Amon Thai we offer the perfect way to disconnect from routine and enjoy real relaxation with this fabulous 60-minute Herbal massage or Luk Pra Kob for couples.

Through which you can experience an authentic Thai massage with the person you choose combining traditional techniques with the application of herbal hot compress: fabric bags with aromatic and medicinal herbs and essential oil, such as rosemary, turmeric, ginger, eucalyptus, kaffir lime, hypericum… with beneficial properties to treat a variety of injuries and disorders.

Once the mixture is ready, pindas are heated on steam to release all its healing properties when applied by pressing certain areas of the body: neck, arms, abdomen, back and legs. Between massage and the benefits of these herbs, we will notice significant improvement in muscle injuries, releasing breakouts, menstrual discomfort, in organic function, headaches, sleep disorders, and many others.

Come with your partner to Amon Thai and enjoy this magnificent Herbal Massage for two people, no doubt it is one of the most pleasant and beneficial massages we can offer and your body will definitely thank you. Applied in an authentic Thai futon and a relaxing atmosphere with exclusive designs where you will find comfort and peace you need.

Herbal Massage for Couples
Usual price for 2 people 180€
Offer for Couples 60′ Massage 105€

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