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masaje thai luxe en pareja Madrid

Thai Luxe massage for Couples

We are all aware of the pleasant feeling a simple touch, a caress or a hug can produce… 

Certainly, the sense of touch plays an important role in our lives, but it is the touch of expert hands that take us to a state of well-being through massage. If you love professional massage this can be the best choice for you and your partner. Forget about the routine and feel special with this full 90-minute massage, an authentic luxury massage for your body and mind. Would you like to try something different?

Come with your partner and enjoy this exclusive and full massage where you will experience Thai massage in its purest style all over your body, combining Lanna Tok Sen massage (wooden instrument from Thailand that will be used to emit vibrations in muscle, acting as a natural ultrasound) and reflexology techniques, stimulating certain areas in the feet through pressuring to get specific effects in other parts of the body, achieving welfare.

Feel your body relax, relieve tension and pain with this extraordinary massage for couples that will give you different sensations achieving an authentic state of relaxation and peace for your body, never experienced before.

Thai Luxe Massage for Couples
Usual price for 2 people 180€
Offer for Couples 90′ Massage 140€

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