Traditional Massage

masaje tailandés tradicional en pareja Madrid

Traditional Thai massage for couples

Every day we accumulate stress and worries that affect us: tension, contractures and knots that affect our health and wellbeing.

In Amon Thai we propose this Thai massage session in the purest traditional style to relax your body and balance your mind. A unique chance to dedicate a moment of immense pleasure with your partner or a gift for someone who deserves it.

This massage is worked throughout the body, from head to toes by using pressures, joint manipulation, stretching and breakouts. Very deep on a muscular level because therapists work with their own body weight just like it happens in Thailand.

It acts on the Sen Lines or energetic body channels, releasing general tension and providing mental, physical and spiritual rest.

Lanna Tok Sen Massage is also included, a technique that originated in the North of Thailand more than 5.000 years ago. It is performed using simple instruments made with noble wood from sacred fields.

A mallet or hammer is used to hit or strike the chisel, which is the stick used to press and hit the different energetic lines and points and the one in contact with the body. The vibrations generated by Tok Sen react around the muscle as a natural ultrasound.

Traditional Thai Massage for Couples
Usual price for 2 people 120€
Offer for Couples 60′ Massage 100€

It is an extraordinary massage to share with a beloved person. Rest, relaxation and tranquility are always good and necessary to fight stress these days, and has great therapeutic benefits.

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