Chi Nei Tsang

Healing from within

Chi Nei Tsang is an ancient Chinese technique of massage therapy. It is said to be invented and first practiced by a Taoist monk in a remote monastery located in the rugged mountainous regions of China. The ancient Taoist monks believed in Chi, the energy source or the inherent vital force of all life forms. The second part of the word, Nei Tsang, means visceral organs. The purpose of Chi Nei Tsang is to heal and invigorate the innermost energy source in the human body.


Chi Nei Tsang on you

Chi Nei Tsang massageOn a functional level, this technique of Chi Nei Tsang is an abdominal massage which refreshes the different systems of the complex system that is our human body. The systems affected by this massage include the digestive, endocrine and nervous systems.

On a spiritual level, the practice of Chi Nei Tsang takes the practitioner to the highest energy level where he can be at ‘one with the universal energy wave’. Taoist monks believed that physical healing is worthless without spiritual healing and that spiritual healing is caused by pure energy flow to all parts of the body. Hence, meditation is an integral part of this technique.


Chi Nei Tsang today


Today there are several practitioners of Chi Nei Tsang massage technique although the purest form may have been lost long ago. What is practiced in today’s world is just an inherited sub-class of the Chi Nei Tsang. Massage therapists specializing in Chi Nei Tsang claim that this technique can heal emotional distress and increase the entire immune system of an individual.

The massage, which is administered around the navel region relieves intestinal blockages, back pain and cramps, scar tissue, headaches and many other problems that are mainly associated with the stress and strain of daily life.

It cannot be established whether the Chi Nei Tsang massage takes a person to the supreme energy wavelength or not, but one thing is certain; it provides a very effective and straightforward path towards attainable healthy living.



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