Gua Sha Massage

Gua Sha Massage

Gua Sha massage is one of the oldest therapeutic methods used by mankind and is little known in the Western world. Rubbing or scraping the skin will have a high therapeutic value for more than one hundred diseases.


Around the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), Chang Ching Yueh described this method in a book: “The interior of the body is connected to the skin”. This is because the factors leading to the disease move from outside to inside. It is not normal for this poisonous material to move out. Moving to the inside is normal. Converting the process from abnormal to normal is what cures the disease. Professor Lu Chi Ru from Taiwan examined this method passed down from generation to generation. He deepened medical studies and practical use to a scientific level, which has allowed the application of a method for the teaching of this massage technique. Gua Sha is currently very popular outside of China and is used in many modern spa treatments and clinics.


An instrument called Gua Sha Pan is used to apply this technique. A chosen area on the surface of the skin is rubbed in one direction for therapy after being lubricated with cream or oil. It is applied forcefully until the skin reddens or has dark red or purple dots. This is usually repeated every 3-5 days. The marks fully disappear in 2-4 days. With this technique, we get rid of all those accumulated toxins in our body. When toxins get to the skin, they cause the release of red blood cells through the capillaries. As a result, red spots appear and Sha becomes visible.
The body is used to the presence of toxic material in the connective tissue but blood is something totally different. Our body reacts instantly because blood does not belong to the connective tissue. The lymphatic system and the circulatory system are activated to remove intruders. The toxic material is absorbed and transported through the blood to the organs that will lead to its elimination: liver and kidney. Therefore it is very important to drink a certain amount of water after the treatment with Gua Sha, to make sure the toxins will be eliminated through the bladder and the kidneys. Also, sweating is a good way to drain any excess of toxic material.



Benefits of Gua Sha massage

The benefits of Gua Sha massage are numerous, as it not only helps to expel toxic waste from our body but also to significantly relax muscle tension, increase quality of body fluids, and improve one´s metabolism and immune system. Blood circulates better to the muscles, tissue and organs.


The receipient immediately experiences changes in stiffness, softness of the skin, pain and mobility. Normal metabolic processes are restored by the movement of fluids, nutrients are carried to the tissues and metabolic wastes are expelled. Try Gua Sha massage. Clean and detoxify your body.




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