Japanese Facial Massage

Kobido Facial Massage

The Japanese Kobido facial massage is combination of Traditional Japanese Medicine and Massage Techniques, using concepts from both, which have been modified and developed from Anma (tradicional Japanese massage) over the past 500 years. 

It stops signs of aging, improves oxygenation and nutrition of skin cells, results can be seen from the first session.

Because of its sofistication, delicacy and astonishing rejuvenating effects, the Japanese facial massage, was reserved, for centuries, exclusively for the imperial family and members of royalty.

It helps to rejuvenate and repair facial tissue, prevents and reduces the impact process of aging, liberates blocked energy and tension in the facial muscles and neck. With a quick rhythm, we stimulate the nervous system, and that way better blood and lymphatic circulation,  it helps to strengthen and tone the muscles, and it helps balance the energy flow in the face. These therapeutical techniques stimulate the nerves in the face reaching the skin cells, benefiting and increasing blood flow, distributing nutrients and eliminating waste, impurities and dead skin cells, focusing on skin type, the underlying muscles and vital energy.

The kobido massage is the most effective natural treatment to improve your skins condition on your face and neck and minimize signs of aging. The result is a brighter, fresher face, calm and radiant. 

It forms a rich part of traditional oriental massages, conserving a holistic vision to the treatment and considers the human being as a whole and not as a set of parts.

It’s one objective is to produce results immediately in terms of elevating and tightening, improve blood flow, eliminate wastes and destroy dead skin cells, the results are brighter and fresher skin and restore radiance and serenity to the face

The Kobido massage is strongly linked to Traditional Chinese Medicine, whose origins go back to 2697 bc. Traditional Chinese medicine is made up of various disciplines: Chi Kung ( exercises to improve and maintain health),  phythotherapy , moxibution, ( treating the body with the combustion of herbal mixtures), acupuncture (treating the body with needles) massage, helps to improve the physical appearance of the person and maintain and improve health, it also improves energy flow helping to balance it throughout the entire body through the so called meridians, rivers of energy that flow within the body transporting it to each and every crevasse. The balance of this energetic flow prevents the appearance of sickness. 

Traditional Chinese medicine is introduced into japan and the Japanese facial massage is one of the many variations of theses specialized techniques introduced from China. The kobido massage was created, at first, as a therapy, tied to the concept of health and not only for esthetic reasons. It is said to be born in japan in 1472 as a treatment  to help samurais potentiate their strength, however, it started to demonstrate incredible achievements en the aesthetic field and the empress chose this as her personal beauty treatment. Beauty is a combination of a younger aspect and a more vital, brighter, healthier physical appearance. The Japanese kobido massage offers all of this and has also proven to be helpful to aliviate headaches, migraines, etc.

The kobido rejuvenating facial treatment is actually a powerful treatment that provides light and a healthier aspect to the face, lots of the time worn down by daily stress. It’s efficiency to prevent and reduce the impact of time, stop signs of aging, wrinkles and nourishing ans tensing the skin. 

This why it is familiarly called the ” face lift, without surgery “.



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