Japanese Facial Kobido Massage

The Japanese Kobido facial massage is combination of Traditional Japanese Medicine and Massage Techniques, using concepts from both, which have been modified and developed from Anma (tradicional Japanese massage) over the past 500 years. 

It stops signs of ageing, improves oxygenation and nutrition of skin cells, results can be seen from the first session.

Because of its sophistication, delicacy and astonishing rejuvenating effects, the Japanese facial massage, was reserved, for centuries, exclusively for the imperial family and members of royalty.

It helps to rejuvenate and repair facial tissue, prevents and reduces the impact process of aging, liberates blocked energy and tension in the facial muscles and neck. With a quick rhythm, we stimulate the nervous system, and that way better blood and lymphatic circulation,  it helps to strengthen and tone the muscles, and it helps balance the energy flow in the face. These therapeutical techniques stimulate the nerves in the face reaching the skin cells, benefiting and increasing blood flow, distributing nutrients and eliminating waste, impurities and dead skin cells, focusing on skin type, the underlying muscles and vital energy.

The Kobido massage is the most effective natural treatment to improve your skins condition on your face and neck and minimise signs of ageing. The result is a brighter, fresher face, calm and radiant. 

It forms a rich part of traditional oriental massages, conserving a holistic vision to the treatment and considers the human being as a whole and not as a set of parts.

It’s one objective is to produce results immediately in terms of elevating and tightening, improve blood flow, eliminate wastes and destroy dead skin cells, the results are brighter and fresher skin and restore radiance and serenity to the face.

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History and Origin

Even today, the world is fuming with stress and tensions like normal. At first, people started using medicines to help with their stress, but now, being more aware, people look for more natural and holistic approaches to restore their balance and vitality. Similarly, Japanese massage is known to help lift stress and your face. The origin is Japanese and was formed as a healing method for the Royals of the 15th century.

The history of the Kobido, a traditional Japanese massage, dates back to Japan’s Edo Period (1603-1868). It was a technique formulated for the Royals as a massage to heal ailments. A time of Cultural flourishing and innovation when the Kobido, a traditional Japanese facial massage technique, began to make its way to the palace and streets as a way of life. It was believed that health and beauty stay hand in hand. If your health is replenished, beauty will come along. It reflects the essence of this ancient practice, emphasising the preservation of youthful beauty and a harmonious way of living.

This ancient practice was for the nobility, and it was kept a secret closely by the Royal guards and was passed down only through generations to maintain a flawless complexion and promote relaxation. Each time the Kobido was passed down to a new master, they would add and polish their techniques, making it even better and more effective. Over time, Kobido transitioned from an exclusive practice to one embraced by people from various walks of life. Even today, this practice is sought for and is effective if taken regularly. People like the natural regain of beauty and youth rather than surgical procedures.

Kobido facial massage

The Principles of Kobido

The Japanese always had a more conscious thought towards beauty and complexion. They would try to retain their oval and youthful skin through these practices. Kobido revolves around a set of fundamental principles that underpin the practice, combining physical and energetic aspects:

Energetic Balance

All ancient medicines work on energy lines and energy flow. The belief revolves around the belief that health and physical beauty are linked and can be polished by the proper energy flow of the body. In Chinese medicine, it is chi or energy flow; in Japanese medicine, it is known as meridian lines that can get blocked sometimes and cause disease. The balance of this energy flow balances the energy circulation as well.

Pressure Points

The human body is a wonder, and the ancient Chinese and Japanese scholars took it upon themselves to explore it. Health is the main concern. They believe there are pressure points on the muscle and skin that can channel the energy flow through different organs and help their function. It was also believed that these pressure points get blocked, which causes disease.

Massage Techniques

The overall massage has swift movements of hands and fingers. It has 4-5 steps and takes 60-90 minutes to complete.  The Kobido practitioner uses gentle kneading, tapping, and stroking movements on the face and neck. It helps rejuvenate the skin by tapping onto the specific pressure points. The massage is quick in movements but so relaxing that clients often fall asleep during the session.

Lymphatic Drainage

The major effect of the Kobido massage is the lymphatic drainage of the face. The deep kneading and tapping movement help the lymph flow and drain, giving you that glowing and youthful rejuvenation.

Kobido facial massage in Madrid

Benefits of Kobido Japanese Face Massage

The Japanese Massage was made to bring beauty and youthfulness to the royals, but it also helped with relaxation and other health-related issues. Some were experienced by the clients over time, and the practitioners discovered some. The most prominent advantages are:

Stress Reduction

The motion of the Kobido Japanese Massage is selected to be highly relaxing. Even though the motion is very fast and looks uncomfortable, the massage is very relaxing, and the deep kneading helps relieve stress and calm the person down. The flow of normal energy restores the balance. As you breathe through the session, you release stress and relax the body. The main reason is the release of endorphins by stroking the pressure points.

Improved Blood Circulation

Massage overall are known to improve the body’s blood circulation. Kobido massage focuses on the face. The movements of the fingers and deep needing along the jaw all train the important innervations of the face that improve blood circulation of the face overall. It also boosts the lymph drainage. The improved blood circulation calls for more oxygenation of cells, and that creates new cells, depleting the old cell array. This produces a youthful glow that is instantly noticed.

Lymphatic Drainage

The Japanese massage focuses on beauty and youth. As their aim is to restore health through the meridian lines, it also promotes beauty and youthfulness. The Kobido Massage effectively drains the lymphatic system, which removes all toxins from the blood. It also helps remove any allergens that may be causing harm to health and beauty. This also helps drain the sinus and helps in more oxygenation of the lungs, making fresh blood and enhancing the cell cycle.

Muscle Toning

It is advised to keep circular massaging your face at night because skin and facial muscles become loose with age and become saggy. The Kobido Massage helps to tone the muscles and skin separately by properly stimulating the pressure points and actively massaging the veins and arteries for better blood flow and lymph drainage. This massage naturally gives you that oval face that people spend thousands of dollars on through surgeries.

Enhanced Skin Quality

Skin is a dead layer and needs to be kept clean and moisturised for proper functioning. Age and environment can make it dry and block the pores that absorb moisture and nutrients. This can make the skin lose its elasticity, glow, and radiant texture. A regular Kobido session can help restore radiant, smooth skin by improving blood circulation, proper lymph drainage, and muscle toning. It can lead to smoother, more radiant skin. The massage stimulates collagen production and aids in the absorption of skincare products, making them more effective.

Energetic Balance

The Chi, as in Chinese medicine, is restored by the Kobido Massage. If termed in Japanese medicine, the Meridian lines are restored to have proper energy flow. Removing all the blockages and making sure the body is recharged to be healthy again. The energy is restored, and the balance of health and beauty is also replenished.

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Who Can Benefit from Kobido

Kobido Japanese Massage was once only for the nobility and was secret for many generations, but now the word is out, and everyone can experience the secret of 15th-century nobility. Usually, people who want to restore their energy and vitality opt for this massage. It does not matter what gender you are or what your beliefs are. Kobido is suitable for everyone and can help in many aspects.

Stress-Prone Individuals

The deep relaxation of this massage helps the person to get into relaxation and leads to deep slumber. The muscles relax, and so does the mind. As the session ends, it feels like a burden is lifted from your shoulders. Your head feels light, and your mood changes for the better. Stress causes tension headaches and muscle stiffening. This massage helps alleviate all stress-related symptoms, both acute and chronic.

Beauty Enthusiasts

Usually, women who are looking for natural ways to restore their youthful glow and enhance their facial structure go for Kobido Japanese massage sessions. This massage is guaranteed to bring out the hidden glow of the skin and make it look smoother and fresh. The skin becomes glassy, and the muscles become toned, giving your face a natural oval structure. This massage also helps in reversing the ageing process by speeding up the turnover rate of the skin cells.

Health and Wellness Seekers

Nowadays, people have started a more natural and holistic approach to life. Medicines and allopathy are now not much liked. People interested in holistic health and well-being practices can incorporate Kobido as part of their self-care routine. The massage is known to restore health by balancing the chi. People with mild blood pressure and headaches have started taking this massage session, and it has helped them with regular sessions. To not let disease catch you, it is better to get your lymph drainage routinely. This not only brings out the beauty but is aimed at restoring your health. It is far better than using medications that affect the entire body adversely, creating new toxins.

Preventative Ageing

The nobility were known to have magicians in their courts who would not let them age. But in reality, the magic was this Kobido massage that gave the nobility such a vibrant and youthful glow. Younger individuals may also opt for Kobido to prevent early signs of ageing and maintain youthful, radiant skin. The increase in blood flow through the skin takes the dead cells and toxins to the lymph drain, and that also prompts new cells to form and give the skin a natural, youthful glow. It is not magic but pure science.

Special Occasions

Special occasions such as weddings, reunions, and even birthdays are known to look extra good and amazing. The kobido massage gives the person a natural glow and beautiful skin, adding an elevated mood. In Japan, women are known to have this massage, especially before their weddings, so the glow is vibrant, and then there is only little need for makeup.

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Kobido Massage is not like other facial massages that add different chemicals and creams to the face to give you that glow. This Japanese massage is a skill-based massage that helps rejuvenate the skin and tone the muscles. This massage helps in balancing the natural energy flow and vitality of the human body by following the meridian lines and activating the pressure points.

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