Massage for Babies

Massage for babies and toddlers

It is not very common to massage little kids or newborns, probably because we think they do not need it or because parents are not prepared to give a massage to their children. We want to make a few important recommendations for those who want to delight their children with the advantages that the broad universe of massage gives us.


Caress over and over as many times as you want. Physical contact either through kissing, caressing or hugging is an essential part of effective development. A kid who does not receive affection becomes aggressive and hostile – this is the importance of caressing and physical contact. The tenderness and affection that your children receive will have an impact on their lives in a very positive way.


massage for babiesThe tummy of a newborn is the part of the body that benefits the most from soft and continuous caresses, due to their difficulty with digesting food when they first come into the world. The massage should be a caress with a little vegetable oil.


The most suitable places to give a massage session to a baby or a little kid are not necessarily a crib or a bed. The best place to give the massage is to put the child on your lap with their head properly resting on a soft place.


To do the massage, first put the hands over the belly making swaying movements and then lightly press the sides with your fingers, avoiding tickles.


Another pleasant and nice massage is usually applied in the chest. There is no need to ever press the chest or sternum – just move your hand. Then face down, you can softly massage the back and buttocks.


Finally, do some stretching and mobility exercises making sure the baby participates. Besides being very pleasant to the child, we achieve a unique bond of love and intimacy between both.



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