Thai Massages in Madrid

Traditional Thai massage is an ancient technique that is directly linked to Buddhism practice. This massage started as a way of relaxing the mind, body, and soul, and having a close spiritual connection that helps stimulate compassion, happiness and joy.

Thai massages also have medicinal and preventive advantages. Energetic blockage is when there is an imbalance between our body and our soul, causing illness. Energetic blockage can be caused by many factors: an emotional misunderstanding, hidden pain, tendencies to hold a grudge, confusion or uncertainty, stress……. These physical and mental states generally appear when there is a resistance to accept new ideas or ways of ways of thinking, this resistances can cause tension, nots, and energetic blockages throughout the body.

Thai massages work specifically on those areas that are blocked by stimulating certain spots, breaking and dissolving accumulated tensions. Certain techniques are used by using the hands liberating stagnant energy, helping the organism to feel healthier.

This is why Thai massage helps us physically to:

  • Reduce muscle tension
  • Stimulate circulation
  • Relax the entire body
  • Invigorate your metabolism
  • Calms head, neck, back, and shoulder aches

And emotionally to:

  • Liberate repressed emotions
  • Recuperate a balanced state of mind
  • Return to a calmness
  • Promotes internal peace
  • Liberates sensations such as burden, depression and fatigue

Come and enjoy our THAI MASSAGES in Madrid!

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