Thai Massage Pressures

Thai Massage : Pressure Aware

More than two centuries and a half ago, Thai massage broke into the life of humanity, through the personal physician of Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha. This technique is considered a complete treatment for mind and soul, it has the ultimate goal of recovering the energy balance, although, is invaluable for healthy people, because it helps to keep your energy levels balanced and stable.

The pressure tecnique is very important. Despite the tecnique developed, the therapist should know that pressures have always a straight and perpendicular angle, it will use its body weight from its central axis.

It is almost impossible to determine which pressure level each person should receive, or which body part, because everyone has a different sensibility level. Also the pressure level depends in physical complexion and the state of emotions.

Full attention on each position is required by the massage therapist, because the pressures will be more efficient depending on how they are assumed.
All of the above will result in lower energy for the therapist and avoid muscular fatigue such as tension knots in joints.
To time for pressures is between 3 and 7 seconds, but depends on the effect of stimulation therapists are looking for.
Either case, Thai massage needs to be applied by a proffesional therapist and qualified on these manipulation techniques that must be precise and applied with appropriate knowledge, never otherwise.



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