Balinese Massage

This magnificent massage comes from Ayurvedice Hindu Medicine, related to the Traditional Chinese Medicine, from the Bali Island, hence its name.

Balinese massage is applied all over the body using medium/high pressures that favor relaxation and dissolve tension in deep tissue. It consists of a full body massage with aromatherapy, and is characterized by its slow, long hand movements that improve blood circulation, benefit the lymphatic system and regenerate skin. For greater relaxation, little temperate bags are softly placed on the eyes without bothering, but on the contrary.

In AMON THAI, we create the appropriate environment for this massage, where dim light, candles, scents and soft music make our clients feel so good and comfortable to reach that state of relaxation we desire.

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Balinese Massage benefits

The Balinese massage has several benefits. First, it favors all body parts from the back where tension is eliminated as well as heart rate and the chest, the arms relaxing all muscles, legs and feet where draining is achieved and improves blood flow.

It is the indicated and highly beneficial massage to treat disorders like depression, anxiety, hyperactivity, stress and specially insomnia, achieving to experience a state of physical relaxation derived from the mental field.

As for the skin, Balinese massage delays wrinkling, softens and moistures. It is also recommended to complement certain slimming treatments because this massage favours reabsorption of fats and reduces cellulitis.

Therefore, Balinese massage has a lot of benefits to offer and can be applied to treat different purposes, but there is one that stand out: achieve physical and mental relaxation we all need.

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What is a Balinese Massage?

Originating from traditions of Indonesian techniques, these kind of massages which are commonly known as Balinese Massages, are an amalgam of multiple practices consolidated into a single practice. Some of these elements include acupressure, stretching and aromatherapy.

Its roots are in traditional medicine and healing methods that have been passed down through the generations, much like those of various other Eastern therapies that have been embraced and elevated by modern spas.

Getting into more detail about the origin of these massages, we find out that they are usually full body treatments learned from Swedish, Shiatsu and reflexology techniques paired with essential oil treatments which are known to catalyse sensation of relaxation while implementing rejuvenating effects on you.

These Balinese massages are a deep tissue massage with an oil base that is excellent for promoting circulation, relaxation, and body re-energisation. It also supports in achieving the joyful state of mind that is so difficult to obtain in these busy times.

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What does it bring to the table?

Often performed on a table, shocking to believe, that is not the only thing it brings to one. Balinese massage has an excellent reputation and abilities; it is available in many respectable spas all over the world. Although the technique has changed significantly throughout time and in different places, its therapeutic benefits have not changed.

Since the smaller islands that encircle Indonesia have created their own interpretations of this healing art, there are multiple authentic Balinese massages available. For this reason, there are still several styles used today that are referred to as Balinese, such as Sasak, Lombok, and Urat. They are all rather similar, though, so the little differences in their sequences shouldn’t worry you.

Ingredients that spice it up for you

For a Balinese massage, oils are necessary. Although you could use any type of oil, it is recommended that you apply this age-old massage technique with an essential oil that has notes of ginger, lemongrass, jasmine, or frangipani to evoke the sensation of being on the exotic and tropical island that inspired the name of this amazing massage technique. It’s advised, like with most massages, to keep the oil on the skin after the session is complete so that it may absorb and do its magic, but it’s not required.

Do we perform this massage with clothes on or off?

It is usually advised to take off most, if not all, of your clothes for the best possible Balinese massage experience. This makes it easier for the therapist to reach every part of the body, resulting in a thorough and efficient massage. Though the therapist is aware of each client’s comfort level, those who are reluctant to take off all their clothes can talk candidly about their worries. Expert practitioners frequently operate around particular covered areas to satisfy such preferences.

To maintain warmth and modesty throughout the session, massage therapists usually provide a sheet or towel to cover the areas of the body that are not receiving treatment. Customers are always covered, which creates a haven for rest and enjoyment.

It is essential to have a candid conversation before the massage to address any issues or preferences regarding attire. A clear understanding between the therapist and the client is established through this collaborative approach, which promotes a personalised experience that is in line with each person’s comfort. The intention is to establish a relaxed atmosphere so that customers can completely enjoy the restorative benefits of a Balinese massage.

What is a balinese massage

Methods and technique

This massage technique begins with a journey of relaxation and renewal and proceeds step-by-step to ensure therapeutic efficacy as well as physical comfort. The first stage entails a contemplative conversation with the client. The ideal time for a massage is between thirty and forty-five minutes after eating. It is advised not to receive a massage in some medical situations, such as after recent surgery, high blood pressure, diabetes, skin conditions, menstruation, or pregnancy.

In the second step, the therapist applies essential oil to their hands and begins the massage by massaging the area between the neck and shoulders. This basic method uses the entire hand, simulating the precise rhythm of kneading dough. The trip goes on smoothly, putting your comfort first as it moves to the back of the arms and the middle back.

From the lower to the upper back, the pressure stroke used in the massage changes to a heel-of-the-hand motion. The final movement of the sequence involves making deliberate thumb circles along the spine, which are a healing touch that goes from the waist to the shoulders.

Going down, reflexology routine on the left side, followed by a mirror image of the procedure on the right. Beyond just the feet, long strokes up the middle of the legs, rhythmic alternating movements, and kneading of the thigh and calf are all included in the focus. Thumbs provide a subtle touch when draining the calf, encouraging a complete release of tension.

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Balinese massage step by step

After that, recognizing the sensitivity of the belly region and moves gently there before moving on to the limbs. Long strokes, flowing motions, and forearm drainage are used to pamper the arms, encouraging a smooth and continuous flow of massage pressure. Next, a symphony of joint-care methods for the hands, arms, and shoulders.

Every movement, from compressing the shoulder joint to emptying the forearm, is carefully chosen to improve the overall therapeutic effect. Then the massage moves smoothly to the upper body. Hands on the upper chest begin the journey towards the shoulders and end at the back of the neck, where they are curled around the joints.

Concluding the massage with an invigorating sensory journey towards the jaw and culminating into a scalp massage on the final note.

Therefore, in addition to its many other health benefits, research has shown that Balinese massage relieves tense muscles and joint pain as well as sleep difficulties, migraines, depression, and lymphatic diseases.

Better than therapy, you said?

Balinese massage is widely acknowledged as an exceptionally soothing and revitalising massage technique with potential benefits for various conditions. Balinese massages are often a mixture of multiple movements which also includes continuous stroking with fluctuating pressure contingent to every region of the body.

This often results in successfully relieving tension and stress throughout the body by relaxing muscles with long, flowing strokes and light stretching. Hence, effectively diminishing stress and tension in your body. So, you must agree, it’s better than going for therapy!

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Improved sleep quality

Massage techniques are often relied upon for enhancing the quality of sleep in the long term. If we were to talk about Balinese massages specifically, they can prove beneficial in the sense that the constant back and forth of pressure that is used to build up an overall calming sensation while healing muscle tension and lymphatic nodes, pairing them with a series of the most effective and beneficial essential oils just adds to the betterment of results because of the aromatherapy-like effect these Balinese massages are to have on you. So, say good-bye to insomnia!

Increased flexibility

While your Balinese massage is going to help you relax and smoothen things up for you, it will also help you massively in staying fit. The incorporation of stretching techniques within the structure of Balinese massage is fundamental to promoting increased range of motion and flexibility in the muscles and joints. This unique feature of Balinese massage is a deliberate and creative approach to stretching, which elevates the whole healing process.

With its roots in ancient Indonesian therapeutic methods, Balinese massage uses a special combination of techniques meant to release tension and encourage flexibility. The practitioner expertly blends in deliberate, yet mild, stretches that focus on joints and muscle groups. These stretches assist extend the fibres of the muscle, reducing stiffness and enhancing range of motion through slow, flowing motions.

The benefits of having the body professionally guided through these stretches by a massage therapist go beyond just feeling relaxed. Proprioceptors are sensory receptors in the body that communicate information about joint position and movement to the brain. The stretching exercises activate these receptors. This stimulation helps to improve balance and coordination in addition to raising the body’s awareness of its situation.

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Alleviate sore muscles

It has been demonstrated that the skilful application of kneading and stroking techniques in Balinese massage reduces tension and tightness in the muscles, offering a calming comfort. One important advantage of Balinese massage is that it improves circulation. Through the enhancement of blood and oxygen circulation to muscles and tissues, this massage technique helps to improve circulatory function overall.

Spiritual Renewal

While the Balinese techniques of massage practice has been lauded for the beneficial implications it has on your health, it has esteemed effects on your overall spirituality. For those seeking both relaxation and spiritual rejuvenation, Balinese massage is an intense and opulent spa treatment that’s well worth trying. It’s critical for clients to unwind and find calm when a lot of them are experiencing higher than normal levels of stress because of the present economic climate. Make sure you promote this service to those clients so they can feel better and experience less stress.

Who can benefit from a Balinese Massage

A Balinese massage can help anybody decompress and unwind, but people who suffer from chronic pain, tight joints, or high levels of stress and anxiety may find it especially beneficial. It has got some hidden benefit for every one of you out there. Eventually, we don’t exactly know the beneficial implications of this massage till we get one. Right?

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