Balinese Massage

Balinese Massage

This magnificent massage comes from Ayurvedice Hindu Medicine, related to the Traditional Chinese Medicine, from the Bali Island, hence its name.

Balinese massage is applied all over the body using medium/high pressures that favor relaxation and dissolve tension in deep tissue. It consists of a full body massage with aromatherapy, and is characterized by its slow, long hand movements that improve blood circulation, benefit the lymphatic system and regenerate skin. For greater relaxation, little temperate bags are softly placed on the eyes without bothering, but on the contrary.

In AMON THAI, we create the appropriate environment for this massage, where dim light, candles, scents and soft music make our clients feel so good and comfortable to reach that state of relaxation we desire.


Balinese Massage benefits

The Balinese massage has several benefits. First, it favors all body parts from the back where tension is eliminated as well as heart rate and the chest, the arms relaxing all muscles, legs and feet where draining is achieved and improves blood flow.

It is the indicated and highly beneficial massage to treat disorders like depression, anxiety, hyperactivity, stress and specially insomnia, achieving to experience a state of physical relaxation derived from the mental field.

As for the skin, Balinese massage delays wrinkling, softens and moistures. It is also recommended to complement certain slimming treatments because this massage favors reabsorption of fats and reduces cellulitis.

Therefore, Balinese massage has a lot of benefits to offer and can be applied to treat different purposes, but there is one that stand out: achieve physical and mental relaxation we all need.



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