Pain Relief Massage

Pathologies That Can Be Treated Through Massage

The most common pathologies are those in muscles and joints, especially pain in the back, spine and lumbar muscles.


Massage helps people with scoliosis, lordosis and kyphosis, and rheumatic diseases (especially sciatica and herniated discs), although in these cases it is essential to complement massages with tractions. By kneading in the contracted muscles and pinching those with poor tone, you can lay the groundwork to correct abnormalities and have good muscle tone.


Sports massage is also essential to shape athletes and treat sprains, strains and minor breaks of fibers.


Supplemented with cold or hot water, anti-inflammatory ointments and bandages can prevent immobilization in parts of the body.


This massage can also be useful to treat certain post-operative, stretch marks and improves lymphatic drainage and blood circulation in the affected area. It is also useful to treat severe circulatory pathologies such as intermittent claudication, consequences of trombosis and any other disorder in blood circulation.


All these can benefit from a complementary treatment to medication, since, among other benefits, improves oxygenation and thus premature aging and hardening of the arterial wall.

However these circulatory diseases may be the opposite case, a contraindication of massage because it can release attached thrombi and cause embolism, therefore, Amon Thai recommends that in case of having any of these diseases, always consult your doctor.



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