Lomi Lomi Massage

Lomi Lomi Massage

This particular massage technique originated with ancient Hawaii healers and has developed different styles that keep their essence and principles, passing from generation to generation as the years go by. Hawaiians measure things in terms of energy and strongly believe that an idea or a thought is able to block the correct energy flow, just like muscle tension, this way deep concepts are transmitted during the massage.

Lomi Lomi massage is applied with forearms and through soft pressures in different and distant body areas to achieve energy flow through the body, in order to get a state of complete relaxation and wellness. In AMON THAI, we combine it with aromatherapy to strengthen its great benefits.

Lomi Lomi massages are perfect to relief stress and depression, improving lymphatic circulation through muscular movement reached by the massage.

This kind of massage can be done very slowly and relaxing or fast, vigorous and energizing. Within energetic integration, Lomi Lomi massage activates body energy flow in order to generate positive changes in the body and this way, to benefit physical, mental and emotional harmonic balance that we all should have.



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