Aromatherapy and Thai massage

Aromatherapy and it’s use in traditional Thai massage

Aromatherapy is a therapeutic discipline that benefits from the properties in the aromatic oils that are extracted from aromatic plants, to reestablish equilibrium and harmony to the body and mind to better our health. 

The word “aroma” means sweet smell, and “therapy” treatment designed to cure. To differ from other therapies, the healing potential, in aromatherapy, originates in its capacity to relax.

In Amon THAI, we are traditional Thai massage lovers, and although they do not use essential oils, we have created a massage, that agrees with Thai teachings, in which, thanks to aromatherapy and it’s wide variety of essential oils, prepared here at the center, we can achieve an increase to those benefits received in traditional Thai massage, making the two together a highly relaxing treatment, ideal for those with nervous disorders, stress, anxiety, etc.

This therapy does not replace traditional medicine but accompanies it in its search for a total recuperation of our clients, helping to benefit them, through natural techniques. Scientific Aromatherapy in Amon. 



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