Oil Massage

Relaxing Oil Massage

Enjoy an incredible relaxing Thai massage with our anti-stress oils. The massage will combine traditional Thai massage and Oil massage techniques, a perfect fusion just for you. Also, you will enjoy the great power of aromatherapy with our anti-stress oil base marjoram and lavender.

The massage will begin with gentle pressures on your feet, legs and back using the most traditional techniques of our Nuad Thai massage as a muscle warming. Then, work with essential oils will start all over the muscle previously treated with different sliding and friction techniques to relax your body to the fullest.

The use of these oils is very helpful in muscle pain and/or contractures.

You will then receive a specific work of reflexology through manual techniques (this massage does not use Thai stick) to complete deep work on shoulders, neck, head and face.

This Oil massage is received in futon, your most intimate parts will be covered with a towel and you will have the opportunity to shower before and after the massage, in case you want to remove the excess oil.

For those who like the feeling of soft skin, there natural oils work stupendously moisturizing the skin. Its absorption is very pleasant and many customers prefer to keep it after massage, so it still has an effect on the skin.

Thai Oil Massage 60′ 60€
Thai Aroma Massage 90′ 90€

In AMON THAI we use Organic Vegetable Oils and Chemo typed Essential Oils that ensure their quality for skin application.

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