Thai massage with Bamboo Therapy

AMON THAI offers this exquisite massages, they can be either individually or in pairs, where Thai techniques are combined with bamboo therapy.

It is an alternative relaxation therapy and physical improvement that deeply stimulates the skin, the muscles, the adipose tissue and Nervous System due to the soft and pleasuring contact with bamboo on different body areas, depending on the client’s need, although it can be done from head to toes using our essential oils prepared by our experts in aromatherapy, performing pressures when rolling or sliding bamboo.

The results are amazing because of the benefits, thanks to the stimulus generated by bamboo friction, percussion and pressure, since it helps avoid fatigue, has a sedative effect on nerves, muscle relaxation, improving circulation favouring draining, tones and firms skin preventing cellulitis, reduces adipose tissue and stimulates energetic balance.

It is the perfect combination to reach a full relaxation state and elixir that we much desire to conceive the deepest state of physical, mental and spiritual peace.

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What is this Massage all about?

Thai Massage has been a Thai cultural practice for many centuries, it is a practice to heal the mind, soul, and body. The Thai medicine philosophy is that everybody has energy lines within which life energy flows. The balance of this life energy is important for health and beauty. Health is not just physical fitness but also mental wellness. The Thai massage with Bamboo therapy focuses on physical and mental health.

Bamboo therapy is an additional therapeutic practice to Thai massage. The different-sized bamboo sticks and their different diameters hold significance in stretching and kneading the muscles. The therapists use these bamboo rods as their hand extensions to precisely apply pressure on specific points to bring about complete relaxation.

Results are amazing because of the benefits, thanks to the stimulus generated by bamboo friction, percussion, and pressure, since it helps avoid fatigue, has a sedative effect on nerves, muscle relaxation, improves circulation favouring draining, tones and firms skin preventing cellulitis, reduces adipose tissue and stimulates energetic balance. It is the perfect combination to reach a full relaxation state and elixir that we much desire to conceive the deepest state of physical, mental, and spiritual peace.

Thai Bamboo Massage Specifics

There are many massages for different therapies, the aim of all these massages is to relax the body and relieve any discomfort. People opt for massages when in pain and have stiff muscles. This Thai massage with bamboo therapy is different from all other massages you might have experienced as it uses Bamboo sticks or bamboo rods to enhance the therapist’s point of pressure. It works as an extension of the therapist’s hands. Other than the clearly obvious, there are some differences that make this Thai massage more therapeutic:

Bamboo Sticks

The bamboo stick is the primary feature of this massage, the presence of it is not insignificant as many might think but it holds the essence of nature. Other than that bamboo is stiff yet flexible. The use of varying sizes and diameters of bamboo sticks allows the therapist to knead and roll on the muscles for different manipulations to achieve a different frequency of stimulation. This allows the better focus of pressure on to the muscles and underlying tissues. The stiffness of the hollow bamboo allows the therapist to properly apply pressure to different points for proper stimulation of the points.

Pressure and Precision

The Thai massage with bamboo sticks allows the therapists to focus on the points that are troublesome. This approach helps the therapist to provide focused therapy and help alleviate pain and discomfort better. The different diameters of sticks help in applying different amounts of stress to the given area with better precision. The pressure can be adjusted according to the patient’s likes or dislikes by using different sizes of bamboo sticks. It helps to precisely focus on muscle tightness and muscle tension.

Muscle Release

The round and smooth texture of bamboo sticks is very accurate in providing movements such as kneading and rolling. Sweeping movement that the therapists provide for alleviating muscle stress is very precise with the use of bamboo sticks, the use of different sizes of bamboo sticks helps in releasing stresses deep within the tissue. The circular and kneading motion helps in improving blood circulation and improve muscle elasticity.

Elongation and Stretching

The aim of using a bamboo stick is to precisely apply pressures to areas that are unable to be reached by hand. Pressure is felt deep into the tissue. The motion of the bamboo sticks helps in elongating and stretching muscles which helps in elasticity and relaxation of the muscles. It helps to release stress from the muscle fibres and provides happy hormones to calm the muscles.  The major aim of the use of bamboo sticks is to improve the flexibility of the muscles which can help with soreness.

Stimulation of Energy Lines

Like Chinese medicine, Thai medicine also follows energy lines and believes in the balance of life energy. When there is a hindrance to this flow a disease arises. This hindrance can be removed with different techniques. Such techniques have been practised for centuries and each massage holds a specific reason. Similarly, Thai massage with Bamboo therapy is for deep relaxation and the release of pin toxins that help but body to rest and be in a state of deep relaxation. The restoration of energy flow helps in the restoration of health and well-being.

There are many other characteristics to be explored in this Thai massage. It is better to have an experience before commenting about the effectiveness. It is not an invasive procedure so why not experience it personally?

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Mental Health Benefits

All massage therapies have a positive effect on mental health. Thai massage specifically is highly therapeutic to the mind and the body. There are many mental health benefits of this massage. As it is a natural therapy and natural things are always beneficial, there are several ways this practice is beneficial for your mental health:

Stress Reduction

It is obvious that a good massage session is very relaxing and reduces stress from the body. The use of bamboo sticks helps to manipulate muscles and tissues to release toxins and stress that helps in calming down as the muscles relax. Muscles that are tense release energy in the form of heat and other toxins through the skin or through the liver. The use of bamboo sticks helps to empty these stress spots and helps to reduce muscular stress which helps in calming down the nerves.

Improved Sleep

Massages are very beneficial for insomniacs. The Thai bamboo massage can be so relaxing that clients doze off during the session. Having a routine massage can help improve sleep schedules by relaxing the body. Sometimes the body is overworked and cannot relax. The stimulations being too great are not easily controlled. For this reason, the Thai Massage with bamboo sticks helps to relax the body at specific points, retaining the balanced energy flow and improving sleep quality.

Mind-Body Connection

The culture of massage is not just therapeutic but spiritual as well. The body is unaware of its stored energy. Thai massage, especially with bamboo therapy helps in triggering points deep within the muscles that awaken a sense of awareness of the body and improve mindfulness. It increases the sense of presence and helps to ground the person. The experience is both relaxing in the body and in the mind.

While there are many other mental health benefits each is specific to different people. Every human is different, and everybody responds differently to different stimuli. The mental health benefits vary as well. 

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Key Aspects of Thai Bamboo Massage

The reason many therapists and yogis offer their clients this specific massage is that the benefits of each movement are highly beneficial. Some things are better experienced than explained. The experience of Thai massage with bamboo therapy is something that needs to be experienced and then shared. For the context of personal experience, here are some key aspects of Thai massage with bamboo therapy:

Muscle Release

If you have sore muscles or stiffness in movement, the pressures from the bamboo stickers that will knead and roll on your muscle will help in elongation of the muscles. It will not only improve the contractility, but the release of stress helps in improving muscle quality and depth of movement. Such as the diaphragm, shallow breaths can cause more stress storage, and deep muscle manipulation helps in deep breaths and the removal of toxins and other pain substances.

Improved Circulation

The release of stress and toxins helps in the restoration of normal blood flow. The capillaries and venules become blocked and start to malfunction due to increased stress and are reopened and proper profusion. This helps in restoring blood circulation which promotes better oxygenation and nutrient distribution throughout the body. It also induces the release of endorphins, which are the happy hormones in the body and help the body relax.  This process is enhanced by the rolling of the bamboo stick on specific areas of the body where stresses have accumulated.

Elongation and Stretching

The aim of the bamboo stick is obvious. It helps to manoeuvre in ways the therapist cannot with their hands. The length and diameters of these sticks determine the elongation and stretching of the muscles. It helps to enhance the flexibility of muscles under dress and helps to remove any pain and discomfort. The kneading of the muscles with bamboo sticks helps in slowly stretching the muscles and helps it elongate when it is contracted with stress. The release of calcium and sodium channels brings about a sense of relaxation.

Stimulation of Energy Lines

The Sen lines are the centre of Thai medicine and therapeutic practices. Thai philosophy of health relies on the flow of Sen. The belief follows as; the normal and balanced flow of Sen or energy is mandatory for health. If there is a hindrance or diversion of this energy, disease will prevail. Therefore, the aim of bamboo therapy with Thai massage is to remove any blockage of energy flow that can cause or has caused illness.

Thai Bamboo Massage can be beneficial for physical health for several reasons, primarily stemming from its unique combination of techniques and the use of bamboo sticks. Physical fitness is very important for daily routine. The holistic approach of this massage helps relax the body and makes it able to recharge better and function way better than before.

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Massages are all very beneficial and should be considered for daily fatigue rather than going for an allopathic treatment. The relaxation of mind and body is important to restore health and normal bodily function. Thai massage with Bamboo therapy is beneficial for those having specific discomfort or pain. People enjoy deep manipulation and find it highly beneficial both physically and mentally.

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