Bamboo Therapy

Thai massage with Bamboo Therapy

AMON THAI offers this exquisite massages, they can be either individually or in pairs, where Thai techniques are combined with bamboo therapy.

It is an alternative relaxation therapy and physical improvement that deeply stimulates the skin, the muscles, the adipose tissue and Nervous System due to the soft and pleasuring contact with bamboo on different body areas, depending on the client’s need, although it can be done from head to toes using our essential oils prepared by our experts in aromatherapy, performing pressures when rolling or sliding bamboo.
The results are amazing because of the benefits, thanks to the stimulus generated by bamboo friction, percussion and pressure, since it helps avoid fatigue, has a sedative effect on nerves, muscle relaxation, improving circulation favoring draining, tones and firms skin preventing cellulitis, reduces adipose tissue and stimulates energetic balance.

It is the perfect combination to reach a full relaxation state and elixir that we much desire to conceive the deepest state of physical, mental and spiritual peace.



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