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Everyone knows the benefits of a good massage in the moment we suffer pain in the neck, shoulders, back, etc… but few know about the existence of a ‘’small brain in every finger somewhere between phalanges” as referred by José Saramago, which is claimed by those very annoying and painful contractures that we usually suffer.

In this moment, the massage therapist’s hands go through the muscle until they find the contracture or that ‘’knot’’ perceived under the skin to be pressed and handled.

Like the physiology gurus say in their books: ‘‘the hand provides knowledge of width and distance of things to the brain, is the instructor of sight, what allows to control and interpret information’’.
But this interpretation demands a high knowledge of Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology… It is not about moving hands skillfully, it is about knowing why they move, what they are moving every moment and what these movements produce. Under this situation, the massage effect is immediately over the damaged muscle because they are able to recover due to its elasticity.


In the case of oriental massage, such as Thai, they almost have an immemorial tradition of several massage techniques, and its fame is due to the extraordinary ability of tactile perception. The Thai massage has an extraordinary connection between body, mind and soul. With every press, and friction on skin, hands listen to the patients’ breath and their emotional yell. With every muscle release an emotion is unlocked, energy moves and wellness returns to us, leaving us in a deep state of relaxation.

In Western world, this type of massage disagree with convention, but far from turning their back, the number of scientists approaching these techniques is increasing in order to compare the methods with the amazing results in patients.



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