Anti Cellulite Massage

Anti cellulite massage through Thai techniques and aromatherapy.

Thai massage is extremely beneficial to treat different problems in the body, and is also used to reduce, that so feared, cellulite that affects the majority of women. Through different techniques of Thai massage, we can help stimulate the circulatory systems, both blood and lymphatic, and at the same time alleviate swelling and better muscle tone, helping to visibly see the improvements in our clients skin, due to lymphatic flow and the acceleration to expulse fat cells from the body.


Farther more, we can achieve a sensation of relaxation and well being, helping to relieve stress and tensions that accumulate throughout or bodies.


When the practice of Thai massage is integrated into our life style, you will see how easily the results are achieved, gaining health and welfare in general.


Come and enjoy your Anti Cellulite Massage here at AMON Thai Madrid.


Anti Cellulite Thai Massage 60′ 50€


  • Thai oil massage
  • Lanna tok sen massage (natural ultrasound)
  • Scientific aromatherapy massage using essential oils, geranium Egypt and karat.




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