Massage Genetic

Massage genetic

Ignorance of the underlying massages’ biological basis, makes some doctors feel very skeptical against the benefits it brings.


Mark Tanopolsky, one of the researchers on this subject, as part of his recovery went to receive a massage after having an accident, and this occurred so effectively that he decided to find the explanation for this cure. Some studies provide the answer in the genes.


Following several studies, scientists found that after a massage some inflammation-related genes are inactivated, and others are activated to help the muscle recover. These studies were made considering tissue samples from the quadriceps of several people who had just finished physical exercise, half of them received a massage right after finishing, and the others did not.

After the genetic analysis of samples, scientists found that massaged legs had 30% more of the protein that activates genes related to the formation of mitochondria, which are the organelles that provide energy to the cell and less proportion of the protein that activates genes associated with muscle inflammation.

There are too many massages nowadays, becoming a discovery for many people who suffer muscular problems or work stress.

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