Thai Massage and Yoga


Thai massage and yoga is an extraordinary combination to connect with yourself and with the surrounding world. It treats all aspects of the person: physical, vital, emotional, mental, and spiritual. This massage technique aims to center your own experience and broaden your understanding of the relationshop between body and mind.


The origin of this healing technique goes back 2,500 years and is closely related to ayurvedic medicine from India and the subsequent expansion Buddhism in Asia.


It is a massage technique that mainly relies on stretching and treating pressure points along the SEN energy lines and is activated in a passive way. Since energy lines run through the whole body, any movement or pressure will hit the energy lines.


Through the practice of Thai-Yoga massage, one achieves a deep relaxation due to the specific actions and movements that are put into place, yielding our body and mind to a subtle force; an energy that can be released through certain postures and breathing techniques.


thai-yoga massageIn order to perform this technique, there are three fundamental points:


  • Meditation: One must have total concentration on what one is doing.
  • Positions: Both receiver and therapist must be in must be in the correct yoga position and to facilitate the massage.
  • Swings: A series of constant swings is performed, beginning with certain positions and meditative attitudes.


The benefits from this technique are significant and numerous, and for this reason it is being practiced on a larger global scale. Some highlights include:


  • Promotes muscle tone, reduces stress.
  • Muscles, ligaments and tendons have increased flexibility.
  • Improves body posture and increases flexibility.
  • Promotes and facilitates the relationship between body and mind

It is important to note that yoga does not see the body and mind as separate entities, despite this common belief.


Both the body and mind have their corresponding physical and muscular blockages. Through Thai-Yoga, we are able to free these blockages as well as the associated mental tensions that are due to the psychological effects on the body. Through thai-yoga we will release mental tension, focusing on how mind affects the body.



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