Massages for Pregnant Women

Thai massage, a pleasure for those who are expecting.


Traditional Thai massage may seem as a strong and powerful massage by the way it is performed, by means of applying pressure and stretching, however this type of massage is considered a form of art inThailand, it is a sentient, fine, delicate and full of love massage.


There is a connection that exists, outside of the physical plane, feeling the energy flow, where the therapist enters in synergy with the needs of receptor through the massage. And this is why more and more pregnant women are seeking theses types of massages to alleviate the symptoms that may appears during the second and third trimester of the gestation.


There are studies that show that traditional Thai massage performed on pregnant woman strengthen and fortify mobility in the articulations, reduces stress, regulates emotional states, helps to relieve pain in general and specifically lower back pain and head aches, helps to sleep better, lowers blood pressure, helps digestion, and provides the relax necessary for that special moment, giving birth. During the massage harmony is encouraged as well as the stimulus of energy between the mother and baby, strengthening ties and the physical and mental connection between the two.

pregnant women massage


In Thailand, for pregnant women to receive these massages, is a tradition that goes back to their roots. The possibility of combining these massages, with the use of oil, and that way achieve more harmony and relaxation for the mother and baby.


In this massage, specifically designed for pregnant woman (over three months of pregnancy), the therapist adjusts and modifies the posture of the mother with the objective to relax and balance the body, and by doing so preform a complete massage, directing and extending these sensations throughout the mothers body, always avoiding direct pressure on the ombligo, Thai percussion, or those areas considered by the therapist to not be suitable to touch.


From Amon Thai Massage we would like to encourage all women that our at this special moment, so beautiful and important in life, to try this great manual therapy and enjoy its multiple benefits, and this way help you to live a healthier and more vibrant life in this stage.



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