Massages for Pregnant Women

Traditional Thai massage may seem as a strong and powerful massage by the way it is performed, by means of applying pressure and stretching, however this type of massage is considered a form of art inThailand, it is a sentient, fine, delicate and full of love massage.

There is a connection that exists, outside of the physical plane, feeling the energy flow, where the therapist enters in synergy with the needs of receptor through the massage. And this is why more and more pregnant women are seeking theses types of massages to alleviate the symptoms that may appears during the second and third trimester of the gestation.

There are studies that show that traditional Thai massage performed on pregnant woman strengthen and fortify mobility in the articulations. It also reduces stress, regulates emotional states, helps to relieve pain in general and specifically lower back pain and head aches, helps to sleep better, lowers blood pressure, helps digestion, and provides the relax necessary for that special moment, giving birth. During the massage harmony is encouraged as well as the stimulus of energy between the mother and baby, strengthening ties and the physical and mental connection between the two.

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Thai Massage during Pregnancy

In Thailand, for pregnant women to receive these massages, is a tradition that goes back to their roots. The possibility of combining these massages, with the use of oil, and that way achieve more harmony and relaxation for the mother and baby.

In this massage, specifically designed for pregnant woman (over three months of pregnancy), the therapist adjusts and modifies the posture of the mother with the objective to relax and balance the body, and by doing so preform a complete massage, directing and extending these sensations throughout the mothers body, always avoiding direct pressure on the ombligo, Thai percussion, or those areas considered by the therapist to not be suitable to touch.

From Amon Thai Massage we would like to encourage all women that our at this special moment, so beautiful and important in life, to try this great manual therapy and enjoy its multiple benefits, and this way help you to live a healthier and more vibrant life in this stage.

Thai massage for pregnancy in Madrid

Understanding the basics of pregnancy massage

Being pregnant is a lovely and life-changing experience for every mother out there. Although there are frequently bodily discomforts involved that need to be addressed in detail. For expecting moms, it’s important to discover strategies to make these discomforts go away while also protecting their health and that of their developing child.

Pregnancy massage, which is created expressly to suit the special demands and difficulties of pregnant women, is one efficient and calming technique. If you are new to the term ” pregnancy massage’ then worry not. In simple words, a pregnancy massage is a type of massage performed on pregnant women to help alleviate pain, stress, and fatigue in different parts of the body due to the pregnancy itself.

It helps a woman get rid of exhaustion, stress, and soreness in the muscles. Such as in the thighs, belly region, hips, shoulders, back, ankles, etc. One great thing about the pregnancy massage is that there are all sorts of different techniques that women can ask the massager. The massage is specifically designed to help you feel calm, both mentally and physically.

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How pregnancy massage can bring positivity to your life

Now that you have somewhat of a basic understanding of what pregnancy massage is let us take a look at some of its common benefits. Before we begin discussing it in depth, it must be kept in mind that, in reality, there are many more benefits than the ones we are listing down. However, the ones we are going to talk about are some of the most popular ones. So, let’s begin!

Relieves Muscle Tension and Aches

The first and most common benefit of having a pregnancy massage done is that it helps relieve all sorts of muscle tension and aches in the body. We all know that, to some extent, Muscle tension and soreness are common side effects of pregnancy. By relaxing tight muscles and focusing on specific muscle groups, massage can help with certain discomforts.

Now, you may be asking yourself: how is a massage performed safely to relieve soreness from muscles? The answer to that question is a simple one. Before the massage is performed, most massagers would ask you a couple of questions to get to know your preferences better. They will also most likely perform a test massage where they would put slight pressure on different parts of your body. Such as your hip, side abductors, ankles, thighs, upper and lower arm, wrists, lower back, etc., to locate the pain center areas. Once these are identified, the massager will start to gently massage your body in a circular motion to ease the tension in your muscles.

More blood circulation

Many people out there do not know that when a woman is pregnant, she may feel extremely bloated and pale all the time. The reason behind it is a simple one. During pregnancy, different hormones are released to accommodate the tissues, organs, and different types of cells in your body. In response to that, the body undergoes changes, and so the rate of blood circulation starts to change.

This can cause a person to appear more pale and rounder physically. That is why Better circulation is encouraged by massage, which can help to lessen swelling in the extremities, a typical problem during pregnancy. With the help of the right type of pregnancy massage, lymphatic fat, and liquid can be drained and can tighten the skin and tissues in your body. Although the lymphatic drainage only works for some time, it is still a recommended massage as it helps to make a woman feel more relaxed and confident in herself.

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Reduces Back discomfort

Coming to the third benefit, we have back discomfort. Back discomfort during pregnancy might result from the extra weight and changes in posture that a woman undergoes. As the months go by and the fetus grows into a proper baby, the women start to feel more uncomfortable in terms of their posture and back pain. The back pain a woman experiences during the time of her pregnancy cannot be treated with any painkillers. That is why this massage comes in handy.

By concentrating on the lower back and hips during a pregnancy massage, this discomfort can be lessened. A massager can apply pressure with his/her fore thumb and the palm on the lower back to relieve tension from the muscles and tissues. If you are someone who suffers from extreme back pain all the time during your pregnancy, then you should try the pregnancy massage several times. At first, it may seem like an odd thing to do. With time, patience, and concentration, you can easily get rid of yourself from back discomfort.

Reduces Stress and Anxiety

There is no denying the fact that stress and anxiety are common problems that pregnant woman suffers from during their nine-month. Stress occurs in pregnant women due to high levels of cortisol hormones and other sorts of hormones being released during the time of pregnancy. These hormones can not only cause a woman to feel stressed and anxious but can also affect mood and, in turn, the baby.

If you are a mother who is pregnant, then we would highly suggest you get a pregnancy massage done as this type of massage has relaxing and relieving effects that can help pregnant women feel better overall by reducing stress and anxiety levels. During your stressful moments, you may feel like it is much better to take medication, but as we all know, medications are not to be taken during pregnancy as it could harm the health of your baby. It has been found that through pregnancy massage, almost all pregnant women got rid of the stressful and depressive-like feelings they suffered from.

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Improves Sleep Quality

Just like having high levels of stress and anxiety, women who are pregnant may also suffer from poor quality of sleep. A lot of pregnant women have trouble sleeping not because they are anxious or have back pain but because their body is signalling to them of soreness. A massage treatment can help with improved sleep by relaxing the body and mind to a great extent.

By having a proper pregnancy massage every week or so, you could ensure your body of relaxation and peace. The more you get the pregnancy massage done, the better you will be able to improve your sleep quality as well as your sleeping pattern. Furthermore, it is believed that pregnancy massage is also able to help an expectant mother prepare for labor. The stress and pain a mother feels during labor could be reduced if she takes a pregnancy massage during her nine-month journey.

The different types of pregnancy massage

Now that we have discussed the top five benefits of pregnancy massage, let us take a look at the different types of pregnancy massage that is performed on women.

Side-lying Position

The most common way to perform a pregnancy massage is through the side-lying position, you may ask. Well, the reason behind this is that it is the most comfortable position for a woman to be in whilst pregnant. The expecting woman often receives the massage while lying on her side with pillows for support in order to maintain the health and comfort of both mother and child.

Another great benefit of performing this massage sideways is that it can help the massager reach all the curves and areas of the upper and lower back. The massager is also able to massage the shoulder and any joint area without the worry of hurting the pregnant woman.

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Kneading and soft Strokes

Another technique that many pregnant massagers around the world use are kneading and soft strokes. This type of technique may be more common than you realise. Therapists apply kneading and soft strokes, concentrating on the lower back, hips, and legs, which are particularly stressed during pregnancy.

Although this type of technique may cause discomfort at first as it could pressure points to your body, with time and patience, you will start to feel the benefits of it all. The kneading and soft strokes method can be applied directly on your thigh muscles, back, shoulders, and even on your calves. With these soft strokes, you can feel calm and get rid of yourself from muscle soreness and tension.

Use of safe oils

In order to reduce friction and redness on the surface of the skin, many massagers around the world use safe oils. There are many different types of oils that massage therapists utilise to bring tranquility and peace to the pregnant client. These pregnancy-safe oils, frequently choosing unscented, all-natural oils, are aimed to reduce any potential sensitivity. Sometimes, pregnant women may recommend the use of lavender, jasmine, or hibiscus essential safe oils to help them calm down from all sorts of anxiety and depression they may be experiencing due to the pregnancy itself.

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Massage for post-natal pregnancy

Although we have been talking about pregnancy massage for women who are pregnant, in reality, pregnancy massage can also be performed for females post-natal pregnancy. If you are not aware, during labor and after, a woman’s body gets in a vulnerable position as all the energy, nutrients, and hormones are excreted, leaving a woman feeling extremely tired and ill at times.

This can cause other sorts of issues to arise, which is why women should get post-natal pregnancy massage done to help them feel calm, and so they can get rid of muscle soreness and tension. Post-pregnant women may benefit greatly from getting a massage done on their thighs, lower back, and inner hips region, as these are the areas that are under pressure during and after labour.

The takeaway

So that is it when it comes to knowing about pregnancy massage. We hope that this article has helped you understand the importance of taking a pregnancy massage during and after your pregnancy period.

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