Back Massage

Back Massage: Amon THAI Express

For those who unfortunately have little time, go running or suffering from stress from work … we have created an express 30-minute massage, just in time to treat a localized area of the body.

Most customers who choose this massage, usually office area or people who have a small space and decide to come and relax. Usually prefer a back massage, which is usually the area with more stress on our body precisely for those long hours at the office.

Whether lumbar level by gravity after long hours sitting, or by other trades where heavy objects is continuously loaded. Or a dorso-cervical level, especially these annoyances arise after much time on the computer and the phone, increasing the strain on the neck and shoulders, and may even cause headaches.

Express Massage 30′ 40€

With the back massage by Thai Traditional Techniques, you get the whole back relax and activate the paraspinal musculature to help you get going again. If you have any knots, contractures, or severe pain, you ask us to apply essential oils to relieve these symptoms. Now enjoy a back massage in Madrid and feel your spine relaxed and activated.

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