Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage

In Amon THAI Massage we want to offer you the most pleasurable and calming experience in this time of your life, when you need to take so much care of yourself.

This massage is designed specifically for pregnant women. The pregnancy massage will be received in a side position for most of its duration, especially after the fourth month of pregnancy. Most of the priority will be given to the legs, shoulders, face and neck.

During pregnancy, the first trimester is the higher risk and also when the female body is still getting used to their new status. So I advise you not perform any massage practice during this period.

Subsequently, once passed the first 16 weeks of pregnancy, pregnancy massage for women will be very beneficial as it will relieve all tensions in the back and legs caused by fetal growth and sustenance of the same standing.

The ideal position is on this side. A perfectly accessible for our therapists to treat the whole body alike body position. In some cases the work lying mouth will end up on the shoulders, neck, head and face. This position will be accommodated by our therapists and accessory items shall not exceed the maximum duration of 15 minutes. In the last quarter, it will only work aside.

Thai Pregnancy Massage 60′ 60€

Enjoy with your baby the pregnancy massage in Amon THAI Madrid.

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