Thai Massage to cope with Stress

What Stress is?

Stress is a natural process which responds to our lack of adaptation to our environment. It might come from any frustrating situation or thought, causing feelings of fear and anxiety.

Taking into account that emotional stress eventually can manifest physically as headaches, digestive problems, skin conditions and backaches.


How to reduce stress with Thai Massage?

A combination of digital and palm pressures, and stretches to relieve tension and unlock the energetic channels of the body. Such energy is in charge of feeding all the physical, mental and emotional processes. That is why we will work on some specific points on shoulders, chest and head. By pressing and stimulating these points we will get the perfect holistically and physiological balance, in rode to palliate the disease.



First stage is to warm up the area of the body to be treated with traditional thai massage. Once the body is prepared we will continue with digital pressures up to 30” for each pressure (depending on how serious the case is). Subsequently we will work the area with TOK SEN (wooded special instrument which removes negative energy and alleviate muscle tension through vibration and noise). The treatment will be completed with a deep work on the head.

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